Fresh rue plant herb

The Magical Uses of the Rue Plant

Rue, also known as ruda or the queen of herbs, is native to the Mediterranean area. It has been used in magic rituals since ancient times as Romans believed rue could protect the user from the evil eye. Nowadays, rue herb is used for protection against hexes and curses. It can be used in baths and candles, and it can be carried in pouches. A witch can use rue to protect and strengthen her aura and promote health, concentration and love.

Rue has a strong scent that cats typically find repugnant. Since cats have historically been associated with witches, rue has been used as a talisman to ward off witches since the Middle Ages.

Rue is associated with the planets Mars and Saturn and the element fire. It is also associated with the goddesses Hecate and Diana.

Fresh rue herb is typically used in rituals, however some gain its benefits from rue soap, rue bath and floor wash, as well as from burning rue candles.

The Use of Rue Herb For Purification In Santeria

Santeria is a belief system that combines African and Spanish religious traditions. Much of Santeria revolves around the Orishas, who can be described as saints or guardian angels. Every follower of Santeria has their own Orisha, and they make a point of learning who it is, so they can pay the proper respect to him or her.

Santeria rituals generally consist of four elements: stones, cowrie shells, water and herbs. The santeros or priests are herbalists who can use plants and herbs to treat a variety of illnesses. All plants are associated with at least one Orisha.

Rue is one of the more popular plants a santero will use in purification rituals. In cleansing ceremonies called despojos, the plants will be tied together in bunches and rubbed on a person. Rue is often an ingredient in purifying baths used to rid the bather of evil spirits or negative influences.

The most important use of plants in Santeria is in the preparation of the omiero, a sacred liquid used during initiations. The first step is called ripiar and involves the crushing of fresh leaves. The plants used are all sacred to given Orishas and are added to a large receptacle filled with water. The resultant green liquid is then added to other sacred ingredients such as blood from sacrificial animals. The celebrants drink the omiero during the initiation rite.

Incenses made from rue can be used to purify a house and purge it of negative energies. The smoke purifies the area. As the celebrant carries the incense through their home, they recite a prayer or psalm or sing.

Rue Plant Is Used For Protection Magic In Wicca

Wicca has eight major holidays or sabbats, all of which have their own rituals. Rue plants are used in three of them: Beltane (May 1), Litha (June 21), and Mabon (September 21). Beltane is considered a good time to cast love, protection or prosperity spells, and rue is often used in the first two. One ritual associated with Beltane is gathering the first herbs of the season.

Litha is a time to celebrate passion, work and success. It is also a good time for casting protection and love spells. Herbs harvested during Litha are believed to make magic spells exceptionally powerful. Mabon celebrates the autumn equinox and is a good time for casting protection spells.

Rue is a common element in protection magic. A Wiccan can mix dried rue with spring water and sprinkle it around the home to remove a jinx or invite peaceful vibrations. Putting a bag of rue above the front door wards off the evil eye.

Rue is one of the ingredients in an herbal protection bath. The Wiccan needs salt, fresh basil, rosemary, rue, lavender and mint. They then need to put the mix in a hot bath and let it steep for a few minutes. While bathing, they visualize their body soaking up the protective energies from the plants. Afterwards, they save some of the mix and throw it outside. The bath is supposed to provide personal protection to the Wiccan herself.

Rue can be made into a lover's incense if it is mixed with sandalwood and lavender flowers. Putting the incense in a man's shoe will insure his fidelity. A tea or incense made from rue can attract a lover.

Rue is one of the most popular herb for protection. Whether it's breaking a spell or banishing black magic, this powerful plant is a must have.

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