Petition candle magic

Casting Petition Candle Magic Spells

Candle magic is one of the most basic, yet effective, skills to master. It doesn't require many materials -- the simplest spells only call for a candle -- but few other spells can match it for versatility. Whether you are new to magic or an advanced practitioner, there is always something to learn to enhance your candle spells.

Choosing the right candle.

Candle colors are generally picked to correspond to the intent of your spell. Blue is often chosen for healing, red for lust or energy, pink for love, yellow for happiness, orange for success, black for banishing, purple for spiritual goals, and green for prosperity. White, as the presence of all colors, can stand in for any candle.

The shape of the candle is also important. Many people use small chime candles for basic spells, since they burn quickly. You may choose a candle shape that corresponds to the focus of your spell (for example, a Female Image Candle for a spell involving a woman, or a 7 Knob Candle for a spell that needs energy to be stored or released long-term).

Preparing the candle.

Some candles are ready to burn from the start, but preparing your own candle helps add power to the spell. Candles like a 7 Day Pull Out Candle are designed to be removed from their glass holders, so you can flip, load, carve, or anoint them as you wish.

Flipping a candle is done to help specify whether you wish to draw something to you, or send it away. To do this, cut off the wick of the candle, and gently expose the wick at the opposite end. Candles that are meant to bring things to the user are burned upright. Candles intended to banish things are flipped.

Loading a candle involves placing herbs, stones, or other curios in the base of the candle. To do this, gently dig a cavity in the end of the candle that will not be burned. Place the objects inside, and seal the space closed with wax.

Carving a candle means to etch words, shapes, or other symbols of your intent into the wax. You may write your desire into the wax with a pin, quartz point, wand, or ritual knife. For example, carving dollar signs into a green candle can help a prosperity working.

Anointing a candle means to dress it with oil, liquor, or other liquids. To do this, place a drop of the liquid on the middle of the candle. Working clockwise, rub the liquid into the wax from the middle toward the wick, then turn the candle upside-down and rub from the middle toward the base.

After the candle is prepared, it can be charged by holding it in your hands and envisioning it filling with golden light.

Writing a petition.

A petition can be as simple as writing your request on a small piece of paper, or as complicated as writing sacred symbols in Dragon's Blood Ink. Some people choose to use magical alphabets, runes, or sigils. The most important thing is to choose what feels appropriate in terms of color, material, and symbolism. Some practitioners find that it is helpful to write your petition as though the goal is already achieved -- "I love my new job" rather than "I will find a new job that I love."

Casting the spell.

With your candle and petition prepared, sit in an area where you will not be disturbed. Focus on your goal, and light the candle. If you wish, you may speak your desire or say a short prayer. Hold the petition paper in the candle's flame until it lights, then place it in an Iron Cauldron or other fireproof vessel to burn.

Allow the candle to burn for as long as you have deemed appropriate, whether that is all the way down, or past the first knob for a 7 day working. Say a few words of thanks, and extinguish the candle by snuffing it with a snuffer, the edge of a knife, or by pinching. Never blow out a candle -- always snuff it out instead to show respect.

Though candle magic seems deceptively simple, it is a strong way to communicate your desires to the universe. By mastering how to cast a petition candle spell, you will develop crucial magical skills that will give you the means to help bring more good into your life, the lives of those around you, and the world.