Green candle magic spells rituals

Green Candle Magic Spells for Prosperity, Abundance & More

The color green is often associated with money, but that is not all it can work on. Green is growth, abundance, and the power of the heart chakra. If you wish to bring blessings into your life, you cannot go wrong with green. Here are several different rituals that you can perform with a plain green candle, some visualization, and just a handful of optional ingredients.

A Green Candle Spell for Prosperity

U.S. dollars are sometimes called "greenbacks" because of their green ink. Even before dollars were a thing, the color green was associated with wealth and prosperity for one simple reason: It is the color of lush, fruitful crops. For farmers and other people who lived closely with the land, the color green was a sign of security.

You can tap into this energy to bring prosperity into your own life. All it takes is a green candle, a pen or marker, and your ability to visualize. If you like, you can give this spell extra power by dressing the candle with Money Drawing oil and sprinkling it with a pinch of Money Drawing sachet powder.

If you have a specific dollar amount you need, you can write it on the candle itself or on a slip of paper that you place under the bottom of the glass candleholder. Hold your hands over the candle and picture money flowing easily into your bank account. Be warned -- if you do not specify how you wish to get this money, it may come to you in a way you do not expect. You might find yourself picking up a lot of extra overtime at work!

When you feel that you and the candle are ready, light the wick. Chant,

Candle bright, and candle green,
Bring me all of the money I need.

Repeat this chant faster and louder each time to raise power, until you feel that it has reached its peak. At that point, allow the candle to burn completely as long as you can safely do so. (If not, snuff and re-light it when you can.) Once the candle is used up, dispose of the remains by burying them near your front door.

Enhance Fertility and Abundance with a Green Candle

In magic and ritual, "fertility" does not always mean the ability to have offspring. Fertility can be fruitfulness of any kind, including creativity or industriousness. If you want to lead a more fruitful, productive, abundant life, light a plain green candle on a Thursday during a waxing moon. If you wish, you can anoint the top of the candle with three drops of Almond oil. Almond is used for fruitfulness and prosperity in many traditions.

As the candle burns, make a list of the ways you wish to be more fruitful in the near future. This is a good time to inhale the sweet scent of almond and let its magic work on you; picture yourself healthy, happy, and productive, creating great works of art, music, cookery, or whatever else you wish. Visualize yourself fully content with your achievements. Be as specific as you can, and break your list down into small, actionable steps. When you feel that your list is complete, snuff the candle. Save it to re-light when you feel you need an extra boost.

Green Candle for Heart Chakra Healing

While pink is usually considered the go-to color for love magic, green is powerfully tied to the heart chakra. If you wish to help yourself open and heal this energy center, or overcome heartbreak or emotional pain, you can meditate with a green candle.

You may wish to anoint it with oils associated with the heart, like rose or lavender. These can help enhance your working by providing some heart-opening aromatherapy.

Light your candle and find a comfortable place to sit where you can see it clearly. Rest your hands over your heart. Visualize the golden glow of the candle's flame as a potent energy. Breathe in deeply, drawing this energy in to your heart center. Hold it there a moment, and exhale. Picture each breath and each new burst of energy healing, opening, and revitalizing your heart chakra. You may also wish to chant a mantra, like "I am loved" or "I love freely". Continue for as long as you like and when you feel ready to stop, snuff the candle and save it to repeat the meditation.

Green candles are a magical staple for a reason. They are connected to the heart, plant life, fertility, and all forms of abundance. If you need more good things in your life, dress a green candle with your favorite blessing herbs and oils, charge it with energy, and light it to tap into its powers of growth.