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Black Candle Magic Spells For Hexes, Cord-Cutting, and Banishing

Black is the color of extremes. It can send a hex or break one. It is the calm peace of the middle of the night, and the fear you feel in a lightless room. Black candles are a versatile magical ingredient that can do almost everything, from harming to healing, to banishing and protection. Here are some powerful spells you can do using a simple black candle.

Break a Hex with a Black Candle

Black is the color of nullification. This is why so many hex-breaking candles — even multicolored ones — use the color black.

To break a hex, take a plain black candle and hold it in your hands. Picture yourself as you would be with the hex lifted — imagine the malevolent energy disappearing like smoke, or even returning to the person who hexed you. Ask your angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and deities for help in removing whatever spell has been placed upon you. When you feel ready, set the candle down.

If you wish, you can anoint the top with Spell Breaker oil for added power or sprinkle it with a little bit of Spell Breaker sachet powder. You may also wish to burn a Jinx Removing incense cone to get rid of any spells that have been placed on your environment (You can also waft the smoke over yourself).

Light the candle. Sit before it as it burns, praying for the hex to be lifted. You can allow the candle to burn fully or snuff it and repeat the spell every night until the candle is consumed. When it is burned all the way through, dispose of the candle's remains as far from your home as possible.

Use a Black Candle for Cord-Cutting

When you form a relationship with someone, you and they are connected with an etheric cord. Performing a cord-cutting ritual can end this spiritual connection and allow both partners to move on.

To do this, all you really need is to be able to visualize the etheric cord connecting you and your partner. Picture it as a kind of silver leash stretching from you to wherever they might be. Ask your angels, deities, and spirit guides for help severing the cord, then light a plain black candle. Pass it through the cord, back and forth, as you say...

What was done, now undo.
I sever the cord
Between me and you.
No more connection,
No more pain,
I take back my energy
And my life again.

If you have trouble picturing the cord, you can also make a physical representation of the cord by using a piece of twine or cotton thread. Cut it to about ten inches and declare that it is the etheric cord holding you to your former partner. Pass it through the candle's flame so the cord burns through and state that the cord is now severed.

Banish Unwanted Things with a Black Candle

A black candle can do more than cut a cord or break a hex, it can also help you banish whatever you do not want in your life. This could be a habit, person, or situation.

Place a black candle on a heat-safe surface. You can use it plain, or dress the top with a drop or so of Garlic oil for added power.

Next, take a slip of paper and write down whatever you wish to banish. If you have more than one thing or person you would like to be rid of, use a separate slip of paper for each. You will also want to place a fireproof bowl nearby. Light the candle. As it starts to burn, say...

I banish these things that no longer serve.
I send away what is no longer in my best interest.
With love and gratitude, I remove them from my life.

One by one, light each of the slips of paper in the candle's flame and drop them in the fireproof bowl. Say goodbye as each one of the paper slip burns. When you have burned through all of the slips of paper, snuff out the candle. Then, take the ashes of the paper and dispose of them in a body of running water.

Use a Black Candle to Send a Hex

Due to the dualistic nature of black candles, you can also use them to place a hex on someone. Make sure to perform a thorough spiritual cleansing and protection ritual afterward to keep any after-effects from coming back to you.

If you are using a pull-out candle, carve the name of your target into the wax. If you are using a plain one, simply write it on the glass. If you have a photo, possession, or other object related to your target, place it before the candle.

Anoint your black candle with Black Art oil. As you do this, vividly picture the effect your hex will have on them. Ask your spirits or other entities to help you carry out this spell.

Light the candle. If you have a specific cursing chant or rhyme, say it now. If not, you can simply repeat your enemy's name while imagining them experiencing the effects of the hex.

Allow the candle to burn completely. When it is done, dispose of the remains on your enemy's property. If that is not possible, at least make sure that you dispose of the candle's remains as far from your home as possible.

The color black is powerful, capable of directing and re-directing whatever energy you send into it. Like a knife, its results are entirely up to the person who uses it. Acknowledge its power and wield it responsibly.