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White Candle Magic Spells for Blessings & Cleansing

If clear quartz is a "master crystal," then white candles are "master candles." White is known as an acceptable substitute for any other color, as well as having spiritual and magical attributes all its own. Here are a few blessing, cleansing, and spirit communication spells using little more than a plain white candle.

White Candle For Blessings

After doing an energetic cleanse, it is important to perform a blessing spell. This allows positive energy to take the place of the old or negative energy that you just got rid of. Candle magic is a very simple, effective way to do this.

For house blessings, take your plain white candle and hold it in both hands. Visualize yourself drawing pure golden light up from the ground and down from the sky, channeling it into your hands, and sending it into the candle. Know in your heart that this energy is good, and able to attract wonderful things. When you feel that the candle holds as much energy as it possibly can, put it down and give your hands a good shake.

Next, dress the top of the candle with a drop of House Blessing oil. Find a place somewhere in the center of your home. This may not be the physical center -- for most people, the "center" is where people tend to gather. Place the candle there, and say,

By fire and light, wick and wax,
Let only good things come to pass.
By candle white and candle warm,
Bless and protect this home from harm.

Light the candle. You can allow it to burn completely if you wish or snuff it after an hour or so and re-light it as needed. You may wish to invest in a large 14-day white candle so you can repeat this spell on a regular basis.

White Candles for Cleansing

Both black and white are associated with removing negative energy and cleansing a space. You can use a white candle for this by simply lighting one and carrying it around each room of your house in a clockwise direction, asking your ancestors, spirit guides, guardian angels, and deities to remove all evil or unwanted influences from your home.

For added power, you can anoint it with a drop of oil of frankincense, sage, or rosemary, or carry it along with some sage or frankincense incense.

White Candles for Meditation and Communicating with Spirit

The color white is connected to the crown chakra, Sahasrara. This chakra is the energy body's connection to the divine, the concept of the Higher Self, and other transcendent energies. This means that a plain white candle can be a valuable tool for working with this energy center, or, if you do not use the chakra system, fostering a connection to spiritual energies and entities.

You can anoint it with essential oils tied to the crown chakra, like lavender or frankincense, or use a drop or two of Meditation oil instead. If you want to connect specifically to your guardian angels or spirit guides, you may wish to use a bit of Angel oil.

Place the candle in a safe spot where you will be able to sit comfortably in front of it. Light the wick and focus on the flame. Breathe in the scent for a moment as you relax your body. Allow your eyes to close.

Picture the candle's energy as a halo of white light around the flame. Let this energy come into you through the top of your head, opening and clearing this vital energy center. If you become distracted by anything, let these distractions pass by. Focus only on the sensation of the energy at the top of your head.

If you have any questions to ask your spirits, angels, Higher Self, or Divine Consciousness, do so now. Give yourself some time to receive a sign or strong mental image. When you feel ready to stop, snuff the candle. You may wish to interpret any soot marks, wax drips, wick leavings, or other signs for messages.

Substituting White Candles for Other Colors

When white light hits a prism, it creates a rainbow. This is because white light is created by the presence of every other color of light. Following this idea, you can use white candles in place of any other candle.

Dress a white pull-out candle with Love oil, roll it in rose petals, and burn it on a Friday during a waxing moon to attract a new lover. Carve it with money symbols, anoint it with Money Drawing oil, sprinkle it with basil and cinnamon, and light it to attract prosperity. If you have a spell that calls for a specific color of candle that you do not have, you can usually use a white candle instead. The most important things are your focus and intention.

Even if you do not keep any other ritual supplies in your home, you should never be without a white candle. They can sit in for any color candle, as well as work for blessing, cleansing, healing, meditation, spirit communication, and a whole list of other uses. No matter what you might need it to do, a white candle will not let you down.