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Spiritual Cleansing Rituals for the Fall

Autumn, when the weather cools and the leaves change color, is a time of vibrant change. There is no better way to celebrate the turning of the seasons than with a spiritual cleansing ritual. As the earth prepares itself to rest through the winter, prepare yourself by freeing yourself of negative energy and anything that is dragging you down. Give yourself a spiritual refresh by:

Clearing Your Home with Air

As the weather cools, you can turn off your air conditioner and open up your home. Stand in front of an open window and allow the fall breeze to blow through you, carrying away any energies you no longer wish to hold onto. When you are finished, light a stick of Success Incense and allow it to burn in the center of your home. You can also dust yourself with Success or Open Road Sachet Powder to open your paths to success and prosperity in the coming months.

Renewing Your Energy with Earth

Does the past year hold any unpleasantness for you? Are there aspects of yourself you wish to be rid of or healed from? This ritual is simple but powerful. You will need either a garden or some pots and potting soil, some autumn leaves, a fireproof vessel, and an incense holder.

Find a nice, peaceful spot to work. Lay the leaves in front of you. In the fireproof vessel, set a Spiritual Cleansing or Spiritual Cleansing Custom Big Al Candle. In the incense holder, set some Virgin Mary Incense Powder, or, if you have charcoal, some copal resin or Holymen Incense. Light the candle and incense, and allow the smoke and scent to wash over you. Think of all of the things you wish to let go -- bad habits, trauma, or anything else that needs to be healed and released.

When you are ready, take the leaves in your hands and begin to shred them. Work your frustrations into the leaves, and then work the leaves into the ground or potting soil. As you do this, remember that loss and growth are a circle. Leaves fall from trees, feeding the ground so new growth can occur. Let go of your past frustrations, anger, and other negative energies or feelings, and churn them into the soil. Allow them to pave the way for new spiritual growth. After the leaves have been churned into the soil, plant some seeds and wait for spring!

Lighting a Cleansing Fire

Autumn is a perfect season for bonfires. It is less dry than summer, and the warmth of a fire is welcome on chilly days. For this ritual, you will need a bonfire, paper or parchment, something to write with, and cleansing herbs. Rosemary, eucalyptus, or bay leaves are good choices for this.

Sit before the bonfire. Take the paper and your writing tool, and begin listing all of the things you want to be free of. When you are ready, fold the paper or parchment into a packet, and sprinkle some of the cleansing herbs inside. Fold the packet up, and hold it in your hands. As you do, visualize yourself filling the packet with all of the negative energy you want to release. Then, toss the packet into the fire. Allow it to burn completely.

Takin a Cleansing Bath

Few things feel as good as a long, hot bath in chilly weather. For this, you will need to draw a hot bath. Add either Marjoram, Tartago, or Spiritual Cleansing Big Al Bath & Floor Wash. Step into the bath, and fully immerse yourself. As you do so, visualize the scented water rinsing away all of the energies you want to get rid of. Sit up, and give yourself a wash with Florida Water Soap. Let all of your cares and all of the things you wish to let go of be carried away with the lather. Rinse yourself clean, climb out of the bath, and allow yourself to air dry.

In some religions, autumn marks the beginning of the new year. This makes it a perfect time to take some time for yourself, to release all of the things that hold you back. With these simple cleansing rituals, you will be able to go into winter feeling spiritually refreshed, renewed, and able to take on whatever challenges the season throws at you.