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Practitioners of traditional magic often utilize feather quill pens for composing wishes, prayers, spells, pacts, and spiritual & occult talismans. Quill feathers can also serve as an accessory during smudging ceremonies, directing the smoke from burning plants such as sage, sweetgrass, or cedar over a person, object, or area of a home.

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Use with the dove, dragon or bat blood inks to write on everything from magical seals, your spiritual journal or a piece of parchment paper.

Significance of the Quill color:

White - Bleached white quills are recommended for writing healing and blessing wishes, casting protection spells, and sanctifying new endeavors.

Green - Bright green quills are used for composing spells for attracting money and enhancing gambling luck.

Red - Intense red quills are utilized for crafting love spells.

Black - Deep black quills are employed for composing revenge and destruction spells.

Blue - The blue quill pen can be for writing spells related to healing, intellect, memory, and the gaining of influence and favor with individuals in positions of power.

Purple - Purple-dyed quills can be used to enhance psychic ability or other mental capacities, or trimmed and utilized as a traditional pen for magical writing.

Pink - Pink colored quill pens are designed for use in rituals and spells for love and attraction.