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What Does it Mean if Your Spell Fails to Work?

You've created a spell, performed the ritual, and sit back and wait for the results. And wait. And wait. After a while, you start to wonder -- is it possible that my working failed? What does it mean if it doesn't work?

A big part of letting magic work is going forward with the absolute faith that what you have done will have the desired result. Unfortunately, this alone is not enough to ensure success. There are many things that can influence whether or not your spell comes to fruition.

The Spell Was Not Properly Completed

Sometimes, a ritual will include instructions on how to dispose of the remnants. Candle stubs, poppets, and other tools should be handled appropriately, according to the outline of the working. If the instructions say to bury something at a crossroads, for example, this may be a vital component to finishing the work. Failing to do so (or tossing it in the trash instead) may leave it uncompleted.

The Spell Was Not Specific Enough

With any form of magic, it pays to be extremely specific. If you are not specific, you may find that your prayers were answered in a way you did not anticipate, which may seem like a failure. Someone who performs a prosperity working hoping to win the lottery may find themselves with lots of extra overtime at work instead!

The Spell Just Hasn't Worked Yet

Expecting a ritual to adhere to a person's timeline is a tall order. Some spells and rituals take more time than others. Many workings are open-ended in this respect, allowing the universe all the time it needs to get the right things lined up to produce results. Sometimes, a working that looks like it failed actually hasn't -- it's just taking a while. Just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly on its own schedule, rituals come to fruition on theirs.

The Spell Isn't In Your Best Interest

It is best to look at rituals like a request, rather than a demand. Like a good parent that doesn't give in to every demand of their children, the universe does not always grant everything asked of it. If you are asking for something that is not in line with your higher self, you may not receive it. It is being undone.

Many people fear that they have enemies working against them to make them miserable, whether by directing negative energy at them or placing actual curses upon them. While this is sometimes the case, it is very uncommon.

Most of the time, spells are undone by self-sabotage. Doubting your ability to achieve your goals, obsessing over the results of a spell, telling others about the magic you have performed, and taking shortcuts are all ways you can end up accidentally causing a working to fail. Have faith, let it go, keep it secret, and do it right, and you will be much more likely to see results.

The Spell doesn't have enough room

Picture this: A man loses his girlfriend. He goes to a spell worker to try to bring love back into his life, and they work on his behalf. Since his ex-girlfriend is the person he wants, he begins calling, texting, emailing, and harassing her non-stop.

Rather than leaving room for the working to align the right energies to bring a loving, supportive partner to him, he uses magic as an excuse to relentlessly pursue someone who wants nothing to do with him. When he doesn't get his ex back, he may think the magic has failed -- but it might have succeeded if he had given it space to work.

Anyone who has ever performed spells or rituals has experienced at least one failure, so it is nothing to be worried or upset over. The best thing to do is perform a working right the first time, let it be, allow your results to come to you, and be open to what the universe is able to provide. If you are clear, specific, and willing to let the energy do what it needs to do, you are much more likely to achieve success.