Casting spell jars

Creating and Casting Jar Spells

Container spells using jars and bottles are an easy, versatile way to create long-lasting spells. There is nothing that a jar spell cannot do -- from drawing love to bringing in money to keeping evil away. Casting a jar spell is easy, and you can take them apart and end the spell whenever you like.

Casting a Jar Spell: The Basics

Setting up any kind of container spell starts by asking yourself one question: What do I want the spell to do? This will dictate how you choose your container when you set up the spell, and what you choose to put inside.

It is best to have a simple, specific, attainable goal in mind. Rather than creating a spell to marry your favorite celebrity, whom you have never met, create a love-drawing jar to help you attract someone with similar qualities. This way, you have a much better chance of succeeding.

After you have figured out exactly what you want the jar to do, it is time to choose a good container and spell ingredients. If you have a green glass jar, that might be a good choice for a prosperity spell. If you have a heart-shaped bottle, that would make a great love spell. A red or black jar might be perfect for a protection spell, and so forth.

After that, it is time to pick and charge the herbs, crystals, and other curios that match your intent, and put the jar together. Since there are an infinite variety of jar spells, we will focus on two: salt jars and sweetening jars.

Creating a Salt Jar

Salt is a powerful purifier. Spell jars containing salt are used for blessing, protection, and purification.

Write your intent on a small piece of paper or parchment. A good petition for this type of jar would be something like, "May this space be blessed and protected." If all you have is salt and your petition, you can fold up the petition paper, and place it in the jar.

Take your salt, and speak your intent to it. Envision power flowing from your hands and into the salt in the form of a bright light. When the salt feels empowered to you, use it to fill the jar halfway. Breathe into the jar, and seal it with a lid.

You can also add other ingredients that bless, purify, and protect. Clear quartz, selenite, black tourmaline, obsidian, or labradorite help cleanse and protect. Some helpful herbs include rue, hyssop, sage, garlic, or bay leaves.

Use the jar by shaking it like a rattle, adding the salt to other spells, or just keeping it in a space. Some practitioners put them near their altars to bless and protect their work, while others feel that the salt nullifies some of the spells and rituals they perform. Experiment with yours!

Creating a Sweetening Jar

While salt jars drive things away, sweetening jars draw things to you. They are made just like a salt jar, but honey, syrup, or sugar are used instead of salt. (Some say that using syrup makes the spell work more quickly.)

To create a money-drawing jar, start by writing a petition asking for luck in gambling, a raise, a job, or simply the amount you need. Place it in the jar. Add any crystals, herbs, or other curios next. Finish by filling the jar to the stop with sugar, honey, or syrup. Seal it with the lid, and hold the jar in your hands to visualize it filling with power. Bury it on your property or keep it in a safe place to work its magic.

Ingredients for a money-drawing jar can include crystals like aventurine, jade, and pyrite. Add prosperity herbs like cinquefoil, basil, allspice, or bayberry, and curios like magnets, coins, money (or play money), a horseshoe charm, or any other lucky objects.

This jar works like a magnet or "spell battery," operating over the long term to bring you what you desire. Keep it safe, and it will serve you well.

Spell jars are a great way to keep your magic around in ways you can still use, even after the spell is cast. You can include them in other spells, periodically refresh them with new ingredients, or take them apart and dispose of the pieces when they are no longer needed. As long as you have a desire, a jar, and ingredients, you can make spell jars work for you.