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Easy Wiccan Spells For Beginning Witches

Wicca is a nature-focused religion based on western European paganism. Many, though not all, of its followers, are witches. Wiccan witchcraft is easy to learn but can take a very long time to master. Fortunately, there are many basic, simple spells that even a beginning witch can pick up and practice quickly.

What is Wicca?

Wicca is a neopagan movement based on the writings of Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente in the 1940s-50s. It has no central authority figure, so there are a wide variety of different Wiccan lineages and traditions, as well as solitary practitioners. Wiccans worship the Moon Goddess and Horned God, representing the passive and active, receptive and projective, and female and male principles. Many Wiccans are soft polytheists, and see every other goddess and god as aspects of these two figures.

How Can You Become a Witch?

Not all Wiccans are witches, and not all witches are Wiccan. In order to become a Wiccan witch, it is necessary to either find a tradition to initiate you, or perform a self-dedication ceremony. Solitary ceremonies can be as elaborate or as simple as you like -- some people just drink a glass of wine and introduce themselves to the Wiccan deities. A big part of most Wiccan witchcraft is the concept of "Harm none," meaning that witches are free to do what they like, as long as it doesn't hurt or control anyone else.

Some witches aren't part of a religion. In those cases, all you need to do is research the path you want to follow and begin to practice witchcraft, there's no dedication or initiation necessary.

What Types of Witchcraft Are There?

There are as many types of witchcraft as there are people who practice it, but here are a few of the most common paths:

Brujería. Brujería is witchcraft with Afro-Caribbean and Latin American roots. Rituals are generally based on the preferences of the practitioner.

Ceremonial witchcraft. This type of witchcraft places a heavy emphasis on ceremony and ritual. Spells are typically elaborate and follow a set structure.

Eclectic witchcraft. Eclecticism doesn't adhere to a set tradition. Instead, practitioners pick and choose from the practices that resonate the most with them.

Hedgewitchery. Hedge witchcraft functions like a combination of witchcraft and shamanism. It's based on the practices of old cunning men and -women in western Europe.

Green witchcraft. Green witchcraft is often confused with hedge witchery. Its hallmark is an emphasis on using natural materials, like herbs, and working with the forces of nature.

Kitchen witchcraft. Kitchen witches work out of their homes. They focus on using materials readily available in their kitchen, like food, drinks, and culinary herbs.

A Simple Moon Cycle Spell

Many witches work with the cycles of the moon. When the moon is full, its power is at its height. When it is waxing, its power is growing, and best for attracting things to you. When it is waning, it is best for sending things away from you.

One simple moon manifestation spell involves picturing something you want, whether it's a new home, a job, or a new lover. On a new moon, write or draw this desire on a piece of parchment paper, and place it under a clear quartz point somewhere where the moon's light can fall on it. Light a white candle, and speak your desire out loud. Repeat every night until the full moon, then burn the parchment and scatter the ashes on the wind.

A Love Jar Spell

Jar spells are popular because they're simple and versatile -- you can add whatever feels right to you! Start with a clean jar and your desire written on a small piece of parchment. Place the parchment in the jar and add herbs and ingredients that correspond with that desire. For love, these can include lavender flowers, jasmine, roses, patchouli, sugar, and a piece of rose quartz. Hold the jar in your hands, and picture it filling with your intention. When the jar is full of power, place it in a safe spot, like inside your nightstand or under your bed.

While Wicca is a relatively new idea, it is based on roots that are thousands of years old. Becoming a witch can be as easy or involved as you like, all you need is a willingness to learn and experiment to find what spells and ingredients work for you.