Friendship spells

Spells For Improving Your Friendships

Having strong friendships is one of the most important elements of a fulfilling life. Friends provide a shoulder to lean on, a good joke when we need one, and an ear to listen to our complaints and concerns. There are times when the bonds of friendship can be challenged by stress, distance, or other distractions. Finding ways to foster these relationships can help to keep them strong and healthy.

Strengthening a Blossoming Friendship

Making new friends is not easy. None of us can survive in this world alone and finding people to relate to and rely on is challenging. When we are lucky enough to meet someone with whom we connect, it is important to foster the relationship to help it grow.

A friendship blessing is a wonderful way to strengthen the power of connection in a friendship. To perform a friendship blessing, you must first collect seven objects that are special to you and your friend. For instance, if you and your friend like to go to the beach together, collect some sand to use in the ritual. If you both listen to similar music, get a CD of your favorite band to include in the blessing.

Once you have gathered the seven items, spread a handkerchief on your altar. Place a framed picture of you and your friend in the center of the altar and circle the picture with the seven special objects. Anoint a 14 Day Plain Orange Candle with Spirit Oil. Light the candle. Sprinkle dill weed in a clockwise motion around the picture. As you do this, recite the following...

(Friends Name), you are my best friend.
May our loyalty, love, and fun never end.
So mote it be!

Focus on the flame of the candle and think about all of the good times that you and your friend have had together. Repeat the ritual whenever you feel your friendship could use a bit of strengthening. Refresh the dill weed and Spirit Oil each time you perform the blessing.

Healing a Damaged Friendship

It is said that people are drawn together when they have similar energies. A disruption in that energy can cause the balance of friendship to shift, leading to hurt feelings, resentments, and grudges. When this happens, it is necessary to clear away any negative energy and bring the relationship back into balance.

Using sympathetic magic in times of conflict is a powerful way to heal a fractured friendship. The purpose of this friendship spell is to ask for forgiveness and turn back the hands of time to undo any wrongs that may have occurred. Start by collecting two 7 Day Plain Pink Candles, a round mirror large enough to put both candles on, and a picture of you and your friend (out of the frame).

Spread a pink handkerchief on your altar. Place the mirror in the center of your altar and put the picture on the mirror face down, so it is reflected into the mirror. Anoint your candles with Carnation Oil and position them on opposite ends of the photo. Light the candles and say the following...

All of this hate
I let it go.
You are no longer a stranger.
We are no longer in danger.
All of this love
It comes back to us.
Two is better than one.
I forgive you.
You forgive me.
We are stronger than ever
So mote it be.

Let the candles burn as you reflect on the disagreement that is affecting your friendship. Take ownership of your role in the argument and take the necessary steps to heal any hurt feelings.

Drawing a Distant Friend Closer

The old adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ often holds true and the effects of distance can cause a rift in any relationship. If your friendship is separated geographically by miles or metaphorically by a breakdown in communication, it can be difficult to feel connected.

A beckoning spell can help keep you in your friend’s thoughts and on their mind. Begin by cleaning your home with Lodestone Bath & Floor Wash. Mop your floors from the front of your home to the back. Clear your altar of all items and spread a fresh handkerchief on it. Fill an incense pot with Lodestone incense powder and light it. Place a pair of red lodestones on your altar. Name the lodestones - one for you and one for your friend. Place an item of your friends under their lodestone and place something of yours under your lodestone.

As the aroma of the incense surrounds you, recite the following...

Know I move to you
as you move to me.
As I think of you,
Think also of me.
As I call your name,
Call me to you.
Come to me my friend.

Each day, move the lodestones closer and closer. Repeat the ritual for 7 days, until the lodestones are touching. As you perform the ritual, focus on your intentions and concentrate on your desires. Carry the lodestones with you in a mojo bag as a reminder of your friendship and connection.

Social connections are an extremely important part of the human experience. Take the time to invest your energy into your friendships and you will see your investment come back to you tenfold in the love and support you receive from the true friends in your life.