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How to Perform Binding Spells On Those Who Wish To Hurt You

Binding spells are sometimes treated like curses, but this is not really accurate. A binding spell is more like a protection spell, just one that works a little differently from most. Where you might put a protection spell on yourself in order to guard you against harm, a binding spell stops harm at the source: the person seeking to hurt you.

Binding spells can also be used to curb self-destructive behavior. If someone is causing harm to themselves, for example, you can bind them to keep them from doing so.

Most binding spells work based on sympathetic magic. You use cord, twine, or something else to tie up a representation of the person who is causing problems. With the right focus and intention, you can use this to "tie up" their ability to harm people.

Here are three examples of simple, easy-to-follow binding spells for all kinds of situations:

1. A Basic Binding Spell

This is an all-purpose binding spell that you can use to keep someone from hurting others or themselves.

Start with a poppet. A poppet is a cloth doll made to represent another person. You can make your own from fabric, stuffing, and something to tie it to its target (like hair, a scrap of fabric from their clothing, or a name paper), you use a prepared doll. Name the doll after the person you wish to bind. Use thread, markers, paint, or other supplies to make them look like that person, as well.

Next, take a piece of string, ribbon, or cord. The exact length and material do not matter, as long as it can wrap completely around the doll a few times.

Hold the end of the cord in your dominant hand, and the doll in your non-dominant one. Begin winding the cord around the doll, chanting...

[Target's name], trouble me no more.
I bind you from doing harm to others,
Or harm to yourself.
Your actions will be for the highest good.

Repeat this chant with every wind of the cord. When you are done, knot it securely and say...

This binding is done. So it must be.

2. A Freezing Spell

This spell relies on "freezing" someone so they cannot cause trouble anymore. You will need a photo of them (or their name written on a slip of parchment), a jar with a lid, fresh water, a pinch of sea salt, and a black candle.

Take a moment to look at the photo or name paper. Visualize the person they represent, and all of the harm that they have done to you, others, or themselves. Place the photo or name paper into the jar, along with a pinch of salt.

Follow this by adding fresh water to the jar. (If you are using a glass jar, avoid filling it up all the way -- water expands as it freezes, and a full jar may cause the glass to crack.) Close the jar tightly.

Light the black candle. Let the wax melt, then drip it over the lid of the jar to seal it. Say...

By flame and soot and blackened wax,
No longer shall anyone suffer your attacks.
I bind you now from doing harm.

When the jar is sealed, place it in the freezer. The water will solidify, "freezing" the target from causing trouble for others or themselves.

3. A Spell to Bind a Witch

If you need to bind someone from using malevolent magic on you, then this spell can help. It is a bit more complex than the others, but that is because it also works to break any spells this person has placed on you. You will need one red candle, one white candle, a black image candle, Spell Breaker incense powder, a piece of paper, a pen, and a fireproof bowl.

First, create a representation of the spell cast against you. You can write down the effects that it has had on your life, or simply draw it the way you picture it.

Light the red and white candles. As they burn, sprinkle the paper with the incense powder. Say...

The harm you send,
I now undo.
I return to you,
What is your due.

Light the paper in the candles' flames, and drop it into the bowl. Allow it to burn completely.

While the paper burns away, prepare the black image candle. This is intended to represent the person you wish to bind, so choose a candle that best signifies them. Out loud, name the candle after your target. Write or carve the name on the candle's base. When you are satisfied that this candle fully represents your target, say...

Crowned with flame,
Your power melts.
No more ill effects,
Will be felt.
No harm to others,
No harm to you,
I bind you now,
And your spells undo.

Light the image candle. Allow all of the candles to burn completely, as long as it is safe to do so. Dispose of the candle's remains and the ashes of the paper far from your home.

Binding spells should be used as a last resort. If you have someone in your life that you cannot simply banish or shield yourself from, then a binding spell may be appropriate. Consider your options before choosing a binding, and never perform one when you are upset or angry.