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Spells For Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Forgiveness does not always come easily. After an argument, you might be the one begging to be forgiven. You could also find yourself struggling to forgive someone close to you who has wronged you. In either case, it can help to work on the energy of the situation. There are spells you can use to help make reconciliation easier, for either side.

1. Rose Quartz for Reconciliation

Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone, for everything from familial love to romance. In color magic, pink is the color of love, friendship, and reconciliation. You can help end an argument and encourage forgiveness with:

Dress both candles with the oil. As you anoint the white candle, say...

Rosemary, let us remember what we were.
Candle white, cleanse the hurt with your light.

As you anoint the pink candle, say...

Rosemary, let us make sweet memories again.
Candle rose, bring forgiveness with your glow.

Set the candles beside each other, with the four stones around them. Light the white candle, then the pink. Say...

Candles bright, candles warm,
From both of us, remove all harm.
Candles warm, candles bright,
End this argument, make things right.

Allow both candles to burn completely, and dispose of the remains.

2. Clearing the Air Spell

If a lack of forgiveness is causing tension in your home, it is important to perform an energy cleansing to lift this source of stress. When you do this, you allow peace to return.

The best way to do this is to focus on the space where the argument or misunderstanding occurred. Clear away all clutter, dust, and anything else that is keeping the old, negative energy stagnant there. Open the windows and any doors. If you have hard floors, mop them thoroughly with Peace in the Home floor wash from the back of the space, to the front. If you have carpeting, vacuum your floor thoroughly and sprinkle some Peace in the Home sachet powder around the perimeter. If you can, you may wish to burn some Peace in the Home incense powder.

When the space has been cleansed, place a black tourmaline chunk or tumbled stone somewhere where it will not be disturbed. This stone is excellent at removing negative energy, and, as long as you cleanse it often, it will help keep the area peaceful.

3. Herb Sachets for Peace and Forgiveness

If you are the one in need of forgiveness, you can make and carry this sachet. If you wish to help two people reconcile, make two and give one to each.

You will need a white cloth bag. Inside, place the following herbs:

  • Coltsfoot. In some traditions, this herb is used for tranquility.
  • Lavender. This herb is well known for attracting peace and bringing about reconciliation.
  • Coriander. Coriander draws love and helps people get along.
  • Myrtle. Myrtle is another love drawing herb, which is often placed in sachets to create a calm, loving atmosphere.
  • If this sachet is for another person, include something related to them -- a photo, lock of hair, or even a slip of paper with their name on it.

As you add each herb, tell it what you would like it to do. When the sachet is complete, tie it closed and squeeze it gently in both hands. Speak your intention out loud -- something like, "Let me be forgiven," or "Let [person] and [person] reconcile."

4. Candle Forgiveness Spell

This spell uses sympathetic magic to help two people forgive each other and reconcile. To perform it, you will need:

One candle will represent you, and the other will represent the person you wish to forgive you. Choose the gender of the candles based on which best represents you and your spell's target. Carve your name into the base of the candle which represents you, and the other person's name into theirs. Dress both with the oil.

Place them about seven inches apart. As you light the candles, ask the other person to forgive you, as if they were there in the room. It does not matter what you say, as long as your words are heartfelt and genuine.

Snuff both candles. The next night, move them one inch closer. Light them again, and ask for forgiveness once more.

Repeat this process each day, until both candles are touching each other. On the last day, allow them to burn away completely (do this in a fire-safe dish). Dispose of the remnants near your front door.

The tension after a fight can be unbearable, but it can take awhile for two people to be ready to forgive and move on. These spells can help clear the air, paving the way for a calm reconciliation.