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Mustard Seeds (Black)

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Black mustard seeds are used in hoodoo rituals for confusing enemies and increasing chances of winning court cases. They are also used for protecting the home and increasing fertility in women by sprinkling the seeds at the enemy's doorstep, at the front lawn, carrying them to court, and around the home and front doorway.

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Black mustard seeds are a versatile and powerful tool in hoodoo rituals, used for a variety of purposes. In situations where one wants to confuse their enemy, the brown (or black) mustard seeds are believed to bring confusion and distract the enemy from causing harm or exerting negative influence. This is why it is often used in court cases, as it can increase the odds of winning by distracting the opposition and preventing them from having an adverse impact.

Not only can Black mustard seeds be used to confuse enemies, but they are also believed to increase fertility in women. To use them in this way, sprinkle seeds at the enemy’s front door while walking backward, or carry them with you to court if you're hoping to increase your chances of winning the case. Additionally, you can sprinkle the seeds around your home and in front of your doorway to protect it from negative energies. This is why brown mustard seeds are considered a passive way to keep negative energies away, making them an effective tool for spiritual protection.

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