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Herbs and Roots for Love Magic

Few types of magic are as sought after as spells that can bring love into your life. Even rituals for money and prestige often have the end goal of attracting a partner in mind. Because of this, there is an abundance of tools that are commonly used to help you meet or catch the eye of your ideal partner -- no matter what he, she, or they may be like. Even so, few are as effective as herbs and roots. Plants have the energy of growth, and their own connection to attraction, sensuality, and reproduction. If you're looking to draw in your ideal partner, you can't go wrong with these herb- and root-based spells:

Single-Ingredient Love Spells

Some plants are so powerful in the love department, you do not need anything else -- just the herb, and your intention.

  • Brew wood betony into a tea, and add it to your bath to attract someone.
  • Do the same with basil to attract a fresh new love, or wash away an unwanted admirer.
  • Brew a bath with star anise to draw an existing lover back to you.
  • Brew one with patchouli to make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex.
  • Chewing some caraway seeds before kissing someone is used to entice them to fall for you. (Once you have locked them down, hiding caraway seeds in your lover's food also helps keep them from straying!)
  • Chewing on a clove while thinking of your lover is said to establish a link between you, making it easier to get them to do your bidding.
  • Vanilla is an important ingredient in spells for love and desire. Add fresh, real vanilla (or a good extract) to food that you share with your intended lover in order to draw them to you. (Combine it with cinnamon for some extra "oomph!")

Making an Herbal Love Sachet

Sachets and mojo bags are great for love magic, because you can carry them on you and your target will be none the wiser. A love sachet is best made on a Friday, which is associated with Venus and love, during a waxing moon. To make a bag to draw in love, you will need a red or pink bag (or a piece of fabric you can tie into a pouch) and any combination of the following:

Under the moonlight, add a pinch of each ingredient, telling the herbs and roots what you want them to do. When the sachet is filled, tie it shut securely, hold it in your dominant hand, and picture it filling with a soft, pink energy. Carry the sachet in your bag, pocket, or undergarments whenever you go somewhere where you are likely to meet a lover. Recharge the sachet periodically by re-filling it with pink energy, and setting it under the light of a full or waxing moon.

Making Your Own Love Incense

Herbs and roots can be burned on charcoal as incense. Not all of them will smell very nice, but the smoke is magically potent nonetheless. Doing this is easy. Place some sand in an incense bowl, and set a lit charcoal disk on top. Add a pinch or two of your incense mixture to the charcoal, and use it the same way you would an incense stick or cone. For love spells, mix together:

  • Mix aloe powder and copal to attract a new lover. Adding aloe to your favorite incense powder can help protect a lover who is far away.
  • Mix sandalwood, aloe, cinnamon, and benzoin to cultivate a warm, playful love.
  • Burn jasmine with other love herbs to attract a lover or strengthen a relationship.

They say that "love makes the world go 'round," so it is not surprising how many ingredients and spells revolve around finding, attracting, and keeping a lover. If you feel like you can use a little boost in the romance department, these herbs and roots can help you find the affection you seek.