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Using Fresh Herbs For Spiritual & Ritual Work

In this video, Lulu welcomes viewers to a captivating journey into the world of fresh herbs in spiritual practices. She explains that fresh herbs are not only alive and vibrant but also essential for connecting with Earth's natural energies. These herbs are deeply rooted in tradition and immensely potent in enhancing spiritual rituals.

In the video, Lulu highlights several significant herbs. Abre Camino is praised for its ability to clear obstacles and pave the way for new beginnings. Rompe Saraguey is lauded for its effectiveness in repelling negative energies. Furthermore, Ruda is discussed as a versatile herb used for protection, attracting luck, and financial prosperity.

Lulu also shares valuable insights on preparing spiritual baths using these herbs. She emphasizes the importance of a meticulous process to maximize their energetic potential. The video demonstrates how to properly boil and infuse the herbs in bath water, aligning the process with intentional thoughts and embracing the herbs' natural magic.

For those unable to take a full bath, Lulu suggests an alternative method of using herb-infused water during a shower. This approach still allows for a spiritual connection and harnessing the herbs' properties. The essence of the video is about forming a deeper bond with these herbs, understanding their unique vibrational frequencies, and integrating their magic into everyday practices. Lulu's guidance offers a comprehensive and insightful look into making the most of fresh herbs in spiritual work.