Magical herb compendium

Magical Herb Compendium: Correspondences, Spells, and Meditations

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Magical Herb Compendium by Aurora is an essential guide to magical herbalism. It delves into spiritual uses, folklore, and safety, alongside historical contexts of herbal magic. The book also covers techniques for collecting, preserving, and storing herbs. Aurora enriches this knowledge with personal spells, meditations, and stories, facilitating the creation of magical recipes and personal formulas. It's a comprehensive resource for integrating magical plants into daily practices, highlighted by connections to astrology and spiritual entities.


sourcebook for anyone interested in the art of magical herbalism. Crafted with both novices and seasoned practitioners in mind, this compendium by Aurora offers an extensive exploration of botanical magic, covering a wide range of plants from burdock and calendula to more mystical specimens like thorn apple. Each plant profile includes not just a description but also its common names, spiritual uses, folklore, and necessary cautions. Aurora enriches these profiles with personal anecdotes, meditations, and spells, grounding the theoretical knowledge in practical application.

Beyond being a mere encyclopedia, this compendium delves into the rich history of magical herbalism, drawing on ancient manuscripts, hieroglyphics, and cuneiform tablets to provide a deep, historical context. Aurora guides readers through intuitive methods for discerning a plant's magical properties and offers detailed instructions on collecting, preserving, and storing herbs. The book also contains magical recipes and formulae, empowering readers to craft their own magical tools and ingredients.

With a focus on building confidence in working with a diverse range of plants and their associations to astrology, deities, angels, and spirits, Aurora's Magical Herb Compendium is a comprehensive guide that integrates plants like foxglove, hops, myrrh, and oak into both daily life and magical practice, making it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to deepen their connection with the natural world.

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  • 240 pages