La bomba san miguel floor wash

La Bomba (San Miguel) Floor Wash

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Use this La Bomba (San Miguel) Floor Wash for protection against all evil and negative influences. Remove witchcraft, bad sins, curses, bad luck, and envy.


This La Bomba (San Miguel) Floor Wash cleanses and purifies a space both spiritually and energetically. It can be used to remove negative energies, bad luck, and any lingering negativity from a home or space.

Saint Michael is often invoked for protection against harm, evil spirits, and negative influences. Use this floor wash, to seek his divine protection over their homes and loved ones.

  • 16 oz Plastic Bottle.

How To Use La Bomba (San Miguel) Floor Wash

  • In a bucket, mix La Bomba (San Miguel) Floor Wash with cold water. Mop your floors from the back of your home to the front.
  • Before using the floor wash, you can say a prayer or set an intention for spiritual purification and protection.
  • As you mop, visualize Saint Michael cleansing and protecting your space from negative energy.
  • When you're finished mopping, dispose of any leftover floor wash by pouring it down the drain, into the toilet, or onto the ground outside. Some people prefer to dispose of it in a specific way, such as burying it in the ground or throwing it away in a trash can outside of the home. Follow any specific instructions or traditions associated with the floor wash.