Uncrossing spells remove crossed condition

Remove a Crossed Condition With These Uncrossing Spells

Are you experiencing a crossed condition? It can manifest as a low mood, or even a run of bad luck. It may feel as if nothing goes your way. You may think this is just a random happenstance at first. As more negative experiences pile up, it might become obvious that someone -- or something -- is working to make your life more difficult.

In some cases, this "someone" might be you. If you do things to draw in negative energy, it will come. If you think you have been hexed or jinxed, you might begin experiencing symptoms even if nobody has cursed you. Whatever the case, there are several easy spells you can use to remove the crossed condition from your life.

Remove Crossed Conditions From Your Environment

One way that someone can place a hex or jinx on you is by placing a spell on your property. A popular method of complicating someone's life involves placing spell ingredients where you know they will walk -- across their doorstep, for example. If someone comes into your home and is envious of you, they can even send the evil eye your way purely through wanting what you have. Whatever the case, here is how you can clear all of that out of your space:

  1. Explore your property for signs that someone has left a spell there. You might notice symbols, powdered herbs, or candle stubs. It may look like something has recently been buried in your yard or your flower pots. Remove whatever you can, and dispose of it far from your home.
  2. Physically deep-clean your home. When your house is prepared, mop it from back to front with fresh water and Uncrossing floor wash.
  3. Dress an Uncrossing candle with either Uncrossing or Dragon's Blood oil. You may also wish to use some frankincense incense sticks, or the raw resin on charcoal.
  4. Light the candle and incense, and carry them through your home in a counterclockwise direction.
  5. Ask your ancestors, deities, guardian angels, and spirit guides to be with you and cleanse your home. Request that they break all hexes and remove all crossed conditions. Thank them for their help, and ask that they fill your space with blessings instead.
  6. Dispose of the spell remains far from your home. Make offerings to your ancestors, deities, and other helpful spirits for their aid.

How To Uncross Yourself

Sometimes, your property is not the problem. You may be carrying negative energy attached to yourself. This can also happen when you have inadvertently created a crossed condition by your own actions. In that case, you can cleanse yourself by using a spiritual bath:

  1. Take a bath or shower to physically clean and prepare yourself.
  2. Refill your tub with fresh water. Add Uncrossing bath salts to the water, and stir in a counterclockwise direction with your dominant hand.
  3. Step into the bath and fully immerse yourself. Relax and let the salt, herbs, and water clear the negativity from your aura. When you feel ready, step out of the tub and let yourself air dry.

If you do not have a bath tub, that is fine. Steep some Uncrossing herb bath in hot water to make an infusion. Let the liquid cool and strain out the herbs Standing in a wash basin in your shower, pour the infusion over you. Dispose of the used liquid outdoors, by throwing it over your left shoulder toward the sun.

How To Stay Uncrossed

If you know that someone around you has sent negative energy your way, there are some very simple steps you can take to keep it from affecting you. Chances are, you will have to see this person again at some point. In that case, you should consider:

  • Wearing some Uncrossing sachet powder. If you work with this person, sprinkle some around your work area to keep their negative energy from entering your space.
  • Carrying some Uncrossing soap. When you freshen up throughout the day, use this soap.
  • Wear some Uncrossing perfume.
  • Anoint yourself with some Dragon's Blood oil.
  • Start growing cacti. If you have enough sunlight, keep cacti near your front door or at your workplace. They are powerful protective plants that repel evil energy.

Crossed conditions are complicated. You may feel you have been the victim of someone else's malevolent magic, only to discover that you were the culprit all along. No matter why you are experiencing the aftermath of a crossing, you can break it by cleansing it off of yourself and your environment. With a few simple measures, you can also make sure you stay uncrossed.