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How To Heal Yourself With Shadow Work

All of us have parts of ourselves that we cannot (or do not want to) see. In psychology, this is called the "shadow self." The shadow is made up of our unwanted impulses and emotions like greed, selfishness, and envy, as well as parts of ourselves that we find shameful. Ignoring the shadow self for too long allows it to rise up and sabotage our happiness, leading to everything from relationship trouble to mental illness.

The way to resolve this part of the self is not to keep pushing it away, it is to embrace it and perform the necessary shadow work. Here are some simple spells and rituals that can aid you in the process:

1. Create a Haven

Healing our shadows requires being willing to see them. If they are tied to trauma, this can be scary. Create a safe, healing space for yourself to explore your shadow.

Mop your floors with Peace Big Al Bath & Floor Wash. When they are dry, sprinkle Peace sachet powder in the corners of your home. Light a Peace & Tranquility candle in the heart of your home, or wherever you plan to do your shadow work.

Before you begin any other shadow spells or rituals, give yourself permission to experience the things about yourself that frighten or upset you. You are safe in this peaceful space, and your work will help heal you.

2. Perform a Forgiveness Meditation

Sometimes, the shadow self is born from trauma. If we are mistreated because of a trait we have, we will try to bury that trait in the shadows to avoid punishment. A forgiveness meditation can help heal this hurt.

Begin by dressing a Peace candle with Peace oil. Set it in a safe place. Sit in front of the candle, clear your mind, and relax your body. When you are ready, light the wick.

As you meditate, think back to a time when you were hurt by someone. Did this hurt make you hide part of yourself? What traits did it put into your shadow self? Picture the other person's face, and say to them...

May you be happy. May you have peace. May you have freedom from suffering.

Letting go of past hurts helps us heal the shadow self by soothing the hurt that caused us to create the shadow in the first place. When you are through, write, draw, or journal any observations you have.

3. Work a Healing Self-Love Spell

Loving ourselves means recognizing that we are worthy of happiness, despite our faults. The presence of our shadow selves does not make us weak or unworthy. Remind yourself of your inherent value with a self-love spell.

You will need a Health candle, a piece of paper, a pen, a rose quartz heart, and some carnation oil. Dress the candle and crystal with a drop of the oil.

Next, fold the paper in half, forming a line down the middle. On one side of the line, list the things you like about yourself. On the other, list the parts of you that make up your "shadow self" -- all of the negative traits you try to ignore. When you are done, draw a heart large enough to surround both lists. Say...

As the bright moon has its dark side,
As the day has the night,
Everyone has light and dark within them.
I am worthy of love and joy.

Set the candle on top of the paper, and the rose quartz in front of it. Light the candle and say...

As this flame brightens this space,
Let it shed light on my shadow self.
As it consumes this wax,
Let it consume my need to hide.
Let the warmth heal the divide between my shadow self and I.
I am worthy of happiness.
I am worthy of love.
I am worthy of joy.

When the candle burns down, dispose of the spell remains in a moving body of water. Carry the rose quartz with you as a reminder that you are valuable.

Our shadow selves are made up of all of the parts of ourselves that we wish were not there, but ignoring them will not make them go away. Create a peaceful, healing space for yourself to explore your shadow self, forgive your past hurts, and remember that you are still worthy of joy and love. Bring your shadow self in, and you will be much healthier and happier in the long run.