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Removing Ghosts from Your Home

It is not uncommon for ghosts to make an appearance in your home. If you have ever felt a sudden chill in the air, heard a whisper in an empty room, or smelled an odor that had no plausible explanation, you may very well have been experiencing an otherworldly occurrence. These uninvited spirits emerge for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the previous owner of your home has crossed over, but has unfinished business in the physical world. Other times they can be attached to an antique item that you acquired. It is also possible that the property you live on is haunted.

Whatever the reason for the presence may be, getting rid of it is do-able! Before you move forward with ridding your home of the ghost, be sure that it is not a spirit guide. The purpose of these spirits is to guide you on your life path. They are not malicious or bad energies. A spirit guide will never give you uneasy or worried feelings. The messages you receive from them will come to you in your dreams, while you meditate and through objects that are important to you. These beings are there to steer you on your life’s true path and their guidance should be received with gratitude and acceptance.

Cleansing Your Home

Once you have determined that the spirit or ghost is unwanted, it is time to act. The first step in removing the negative energy from your space is to cleanse it.

Smudging is an excellent way to rid your living space of negative energy. White sage has been used by Native Americans for centuries to purify their surroundings. A smudge stick is used by burning the tip and walking throughout the space you wish to cleanse. The smoke is said to remove negative influences and create a boundary that cannot be penetrated by negative energy.

To perform a cleanse using a smudge stick, open all windows (be careful not to set off smoke detectors). Use a Spiritual Cleansing Hoo Doo Pillar Candle to light the tip of your smudge stick. Walk through your house, from room to room, wafting the smoke into the air. Repeat the following chant as you walk:

I banish all negative influence from my home.
I will not allow it to wreak havoc within the hearts minds and spirit of those who live here.

After you are done, allow the smoke to engulf your body, cleansing yourself of any residual negative energy. Put your smudge stick or loose herbs in a cup of water to extinguish it or just let it burn safely until it’s done. Some people spread the ash outside their home for protection. Allow all smoke to exit your home before closing the doors and windows. You can seal this ritual by lighting a white candle and going through your house again and saying "This house is filled with light and love." Finish by adding aloe vera oil or cedarwood oil to each room, window and doors for extra protection.


Now you are ready to begin removing the evil spirits from your home. Add the contents of Ghost Chaser Floor Wash with a gallon of cold water. Starting in the furthest corner of your home, mop your floors until you reach your front door. While you wash your floors, concentrate your thoughts on driving out the ghost. Visualize the negative energy slowly dissipating until it has completely disappeared. Be sure to cover every inch of your home with the floor wash.

Avoid walking on the floors until they are completely dry. Once the floors are dry, spread some Ghost Chaser Sachet Powder on the floor in the back corner of your home. With a clean broom, sweep the powder across your floors, towards your front door. While you are sweeping, imagine that you are sweeping away the trail of the spirit that has been inhabiting your home. Brush all of the powder out of your door. Sprinkle a few drops of Ghost Chaser oil on your front stoop to seal your home and chase the ghost away.

An herb bath is another excellent way to remove the presence from your life. To prepare your ritual bath, steep the Ghost Chaser herb bath in boiling water. Strain the mixture and let the liquid cool. Light some Ghost Chaser Incense Powder and place it in your bathroom. Remove your clothes and stand in your bathtub. Pour the herb bath over your body, making sure to fully douse your entire body. Soak in the tub for at least fifteen minutes, concentrating on casting out the unwelcome ghostly spirit.

After your ritual bath is complete, allow yourself to air dry. Sprinkle some Ghost Chaser perfume on your wrists and behind your ears to repel the ghost that you have cast away. Carry a mojo bag filled with Black Salt, Golden Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones and spearmint leaves. These powerful items will surround you with a veil of protection against any future ghostly encounters. Repeat these rituals once a month to prevent the frustrating intrusion from happening again.