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Banishing Evil Spirits and Exorcising Demons

Getting rid of evil spirits and demons involves a little background knowledge. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, evil spirits and demons are very different. That means that you need to get rid of them in different ways. Fortunately, this is very doable once you have the tools and understanding that you need.

What are demons and evil spirits?

Evil spirits are malevolent spirits of the dead, or occasionally elementals. (Poltergeists are occasionally lumped in with evil spirits, but they are actually manifestations born of a person's negative energy.) Evil spirits can attach themselves to an object or location and must be driven out.

Demons, on the other hand, are purely evil energy. They never had a physical or elemental form, and they did not originate on this plane. Some cultures say that demons originate in Hell, while others hold that they are simply not of this world. Demons typically attach themselves to people, and getting rid of them involves an exorcism. In rarer cases, they may attach themselves to a structure or location.

Simple Spells to Get Evil Spirits Out of Your Home

To get malevolent entities out of your home, you must first make your home inhospitable to them. Bring light and fresh air to dark, neglected areas. Identify sources of negative energy coming into your home, and fix them. Once you have done this, you can use any combination of these techniques to finish the job:

Wash your floors

Physically clean your floors first, then fill a bucket with warm, fresh water. Add Go Away Evil floor wash, and mop your floors thoroughly from back to front. You can also wash your floors with premade Seven Holy Hyssop wash, or prepare your own by steeping dried hyssop in hot water. Make sure to dispose of the wash water away from your home to the east.

If you have carpets instead of hard floors, dust your floors with Go Away Evil sachet powder, vacuum them from back to front, and empty your vacuum bag or canister as far from your home as you can.

Use incense or room spray

Incense is a powerful tool for driving out evil. Burn Go Away Evil incense or cedar bundles, and waft the smoke through every room of your home. (Pay special attention to rooms that exhibit the most spirit activity.)

If incense is not an option, spray every room in your home with Go Away Evil spray.

Use sound

The sound of bells and chimes is said to be annoying to them, as is music tuned to specific frequencies.

Recite prayers or scripture

You can also recite the 23rd psalm, or a prayer to your specific deities or guardian angels for help. Request their aid in driving out the evil spirits, and ask that they protect you from evil from that point onward.

Use oils

Anointing the doors, windows, and corners of each room in your home with banishing oils can help drive out entities, as well. Cedarwood oil is particularly helpful for this, as are Go Away Evil and Exorcism oil.

Use witches' salt or sachet powder

Witches' black salt is usually used for protection but is also good for banishing evil. Sprinkle it in corners, along windowsills, and at thresholds, paying special attention to rooms with the most spirit activity. You can also use Go Away Evil sachet powder the same way.

Burn candles

Candle magic lets you store energy in the form of a candle, and release it when you burn it. The best places to burn a candle are the heart of your home (usually the kitchen or family room), or the room that displays the most spirit activity. Use a black candle dressed with hyssop or cedarwood oil, a prepared Go Away Evil or Go Away Evil Custom Big Al candle.

Exorcising Demons from People

Since demons typically attach themselves to people, the presence of a demon requires an exorcism. This is more complicated than driving out an evil spirit, and can even be dangerous. If possible, you should ask a professional for help. If that is not an option, there are some things you can do.

Try bathing the person with 7 Holy Hyssop bath while reciting prayers for exorcism and protection. Afterward, anoint their brow and heart area with Exorcism oil. Sprinkle the person's body, room, bed, and possessions with Exorcism sachet powder. If possible, rub the body of the possessed person with boneset herb, then burn the herb outside and dispose of the ashes far from your home.

Evil spirits and demons can wreak all kinds of havoc in your life, but you do not need to suffer their presence. Use any combination of the magical tools and techniques above to clear evil entities out of your home, so you can live in peace and safety.