Interpreting angel spirit signs

Recognizing Signs From Spirits and Angels

While walking into your house you catch a whiff of what smells exactly like your newly deceased grandmother's famous sauce. You could swear by the intensity of this smell that someone MUST be cooking up sauce using your grandmother's recipe.

When you arrive at the kitchen, it is empty except for the intoxicating smell of garlic, onions, and tomatoes. It's as if she's there cooking. How could this be?

Many religions and spiritual practices have long known that a fulfilling and spiritual life means being guided by our ancestors and angels.

Our deceased relatives and our angels offer guidance to us on a regular basis by speaking to us in various ways. Whether through a dream, feelings or even smells, we are constantly being given signs that they are with us.

Often times we are so enraptured in our fast paced life that we tend to miss important messages that can truly help guide us in the right direction. Here are some of the ways our angels and ancestors speak with us.


The feather is a telltale sign that spirits are around and watching. One may be found directly in your path or somewhere unusual, such as on your bed. In general, to find a white feather is a clear message from your angel that she is always near and supporting you. A feather may show up in response to a question or a worry, or it may be a validation, a marker or a clue.

To further facilitate dialogue with a spirit, place the feather on an altar with a spiritual candle. The candle is vehicle for communication between worlds. If you are asking a question, requesting clarity or directing a wish, the candle can accelerate the response.


Coins are a big deal because they represent love and support. Finding a coin in your path or in an odd place means that you will find aid and assistance where you need it. It signifies that your angels and loved ones are here to console you, especially when you are feeling down or ill.

A coin may give you an extraordinary impression on anything that may seem normal. Where were you on your way to when you found the coin? Were you thinking of anything in particular just before you found it? How about just upon receiving it? Does the date on the coin have any meaning to you?

If you want to reap more value from the coin, place it near a burning candle and incense designed to attract prosperity, and wash with soap purposed for bringing in wealth. This includes wealth of love and support, as well as finances. Charms, talismans and specific jewelry can also be carried to accent the affect of the coin.


Smells are one of the most common ways that the recently deceased try to communicate with us. It's not unusual for a scent to come from the blue with no obvious source. A loved one's perfume, favorite soap or tobacco smells could penetrate an empty room. It could also be the delicious fragrance of someone's favorite meal being cooked with nobody in the kitchen. Usually, these scents are indicators that our loved ones are near and bringing us comfort in times of grief or worry.

Angels also leave scents, especially of flowers.

Burning incense or using a special oil is a sure way to answer back. Smoke helps to carry thoughts and prayers and make them manifest in the spirit realm. Smudges can also help relieve a spirit who is “stuck” in an area with their particular scent, which can sometimes smell of illness.


How do you know if your dream was just a dream or an actual visitation from a deceased relative or angel? If your dream is vivid (as in you can see every wrinkle on your grandmother’s face), is set in a plain room that is filled with light and is very straight forward (not like the crazy often confusing dreams we normally have), it’s probably a visit from them. Pay attention to what your ancestors and angels are telling you in the dream. A dream dictionary may also help you interpret what some of your dreams may be trying to tell you.

Temperature Change

When a spirit or angel is near, you might experience chills, even if you are in a warm room. You may also feel a sudden surge of warmth in a room that was either wise cold. These temperature changes mean you are being visited.

Numbers and Songs

Your dad’s birthday was on Sept. 15 and everywhere you go, you see the numbers 915. The license plate in front of you, the price of an item, the channel the TV was on. Every time you see 915, you can be assured that it’s your dad making his presence known. The same is true with songs. If you keep hearing his favorite song, he’s with you!

Voices, Thoughts, Feelings and Touch

These might be sometimes too subtle to even notice. If you practice on staying aware and receptive, you might be able to pick up on these messages. Hearing a whisper, getting a random thought or feeling and even feeling a soft touch are all ways spirits communicate with us.

Our ancestors and angels give us a sense of connection, direction and purpose. They turn life and death from a one-way, dead-end road into a full circle that continues forever. Knowing this, we can learn to find peace by staying in contact with our loved ones in this way.

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