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Guardian Angel Candle, 7 Day

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Light our 7-Day Guardian Angel candle to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against negative energies and danger. This candle is believed to provide guidance and support, helping you make sound decisions, find your way in life, and overcome challenges with courage.

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Our spiritualist will say a prayer over your candle, light it, and place it on our altar. You will receive one photo of your lit candle via email. NOTE: It may take 7-10 days to receive your photo, so please be patient.
Let our spiritualist pray over and bless your candle, amulet, talisman, or jewelry item.

Burn our 7 Day Guardian Angel candle to protect yourself and your family from evil and harm. She will help you make the right choices in life, pick the right paths, give you courage, and make all of your problems diminish. For added strength anoint with our Angel Oil. Comes with the prayer in English & Spanish on the back.

  • 2 1/2" Wide and 8 1/4" Tall
  • This candle will burn for approximately 140 hours
  • 100% Paraffin Wax

What Does a Guardian Angel Candle Do?

Here are some of the spiritual uses of our 7 Day Guardian Angel Candle:

  • Protection: The candle can be used to provide spiritual protection to oneself, loved ones, or a home.
  • Guidance: Some people believe that lighting the candle can help connect with one's guardian angel and receive guidance and support.
  • Strength: The candle can be used to summon strength and courage in challenging situations.
  • Healing: The candle can be used as a spiritual tool to support emotional and physical healing.
  • Prayer: Lighting the candle can be a way to enhance the power of one's prayers or to focus on specific intentions during prayer.
  • Meditation: Some people use the candle as a focal point during meditation to enhance focus and connection with the divine.
  • Blessings: The candle can be used to offer blessings to oneself or others.

The Guardian Angel Prayer

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
To whom God's love commits me here,
Ever this day be at my side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

This prayer is believed to be a way of acknowledging and thanking one's guardian angel for guidance and protection. Some people recite the prayer daily or as needed to help them feel connected to their spiritual beliefs and supported by their guardian angel.