Angel numbers meaning finding

Numerology: A Simple Guide To Angel Numbers

Have you ever come across a repeating set of numbers? You might get a phone call from a number that ends in 444, or look up at the clock to see that it is 11:11. Sometimes, these are just funny little coincidences. Other times, these can be important messages from your guardian angels. Called "angel numbers," they most often appear when you are at a significant point in your life.

What are angel numbers?

Communicating from the spirit world is not always a simple task. Your angels and spirit guides might send you messages in dreams, or line up synchronicities in your life. Angel numbers are just that -- a synchronicity. Each number has its own meaning and significance according to numerology. When you look at the situations where angel numbers appear, they can spell out a message or piece of advice about your life.

How can you find angel numbers?

Not every repeating number is automatically an angel number. If you spend a lot of time at your computer at work, glancing down at the clock, you are probably going to see a lot of 11:11, 3:33, or 5:55 throughout the day! A number is an angel number when it shows up frequently over the course of a day or two. Seeing 222 once might be a coincidence, but seeing it three times in a single is a sign that you should take notice.

You can find angel numbers anywhere where numbers appear. Clocks, phone numbers, and receipt totals are all common places to spot them.

What do angel numbers mean?

All angel numbers are signs that the spirits around you know you, love you, and are supporting you in everything you do. They can appear when things are going well, and act as a sign that you are on the right path. They can also appear when things are going badly, to let you know that you are not alone and offer you advice.

Each angel number also has a specific meaning associated with it. These are:

  • 111. Confidence, opportunity, and action.
  • 222. Peace, balance, and cooperation.
  • 333. Creativity, liveliness, curiosity.
  • 444. Steadiness, stability, loyalty.
  • 555. Change, adaptation, energy.
  • 666. Love, nurturing, compassion.
  • 777. Spiritual knowledge, wisdom, transformation.
  • 888. Ambition, drive, materialism.
  • 999. Insight, awareness, love.
  • 1010. Hope, optimism, guidance.
  • 1111. Intuition, fortitude, success.

You can combine these meanings with the ways that angel numbers appear to you. For example, if you frequently come across the number 111 at work, it can be a sign to be confident and action-oriented to further your career.

How do I connect with my guardian angel?

Angel numbers are ultimately about connection. You see them because your guardian angels and spirit guides are reaching out to you. When angel numbers or other signs appear, it is a great time to try to really connect with your guides, show them gratitude, and ask them to be even more present in your life.

One way to do this is to make your space more receptive to positive, angelic energy. Remove clutter, and do everything you can to maximize fresh air and sunlight. Bring nature into your home in the form of cut flowers or potted plants. Mop your floors from front to back with Guardian Angel bath & floor wash, and light a devotional incense stick in the heart of your home. Say, out loud, that you welcome the presence of guardian angels, spirit guides, and other benevolent beings, and reject all evil and negative energies.

You can also meditate to receive more signs from your angels. Find a peaceful place and a time when you will not be disturbed. Anoint a Guardian Angel 7 Day candle with a few drops of Angel oil. If you like, you can also use a drop of the oil to anoint your brow and the place over your heart.

Light the candle and calm your mind. As it burns, try to focus on your breathing and tune out external distractions. Ask, either out loud or to yourself, for your guardian angel to be with you and send you a sign. When you are ready, snuff the candle.

Signs from your guardian angel might not come immediately -- it can be a few days before you notice their presence with you. Angel signs can come in many forms, including rainbows, feathers, flashes of light, sweet smells, or music that seems to come from nowhere.

When you receive this sign, go back to that peaceful place and light the candle again. Ask your angel for advice or messages, or just unburden your heart to them. When you feel ready, snuff the candle once more. Keep your eyes open for angel numbers, dreams, or other angel signs. Observe how and when they appear. They may hold the message you are looking for.

You may wish to work with or carry certain crystals to facilitate your connection to angels. Selenite, amethyst, seraphinite, rose quartz, angelite, and celestite are all good choices to start with. Hold them while you meditate, carry them with you, and place them beside the candle while you speak to your angels.

Angel numbers are only one of the ways that our guides and guardians have to reach us. When they show up, they can have a powerful message to deliver. If you begin seeing repeating sequences of numbers in your life, take a moment to reflect on their meaning. Your guardian angels may just be trying to tell you something.