Lucid dreaming

How To Control Your Dreams With Lucid Dreaming

Dreams are a powerful window into other realms. Not only can they give you insight into your fears and subconscious desires, some people are even able to use them for divination and ritual. If you often dream very vividly, you can use your dreams to enhance your waking life with just one simple technique: lucid dreaming.

What is lucid dreaming?

During most dreams, we are simply observers. We often view our actions but do not have any direct control over them. During a lucid dream, we can maintain control over our actions within the dream itself. Since the "rules" of the waking world do not exist in dreams, this opens up infinite possibilities. If you wish to fly in your dream, you can fly. If you wish to speak to an ancestor, you can do so. If you wish to find a guiding spirit, you can do that, too.

When does lucid dreaming take place?

Lucid dreaming most often happens right at the border between sleep and waking -- either immediately before descending into a deep sleep or immediately before waking. Sleep too deeply, and control is lost. Fight too hard to maintain control, and you will wake up. Many of things that aid in dream recall can also make it easier to dream lucidly.

How can you improve dream recall and lucid dreaming abilities?

Dream recall and lucid dreaming come more easily to some than to others, but anyone can do it with practice. Try:

  1. Keeping a journal of all of the dreams you remember. Set a pen and notebook next to your bed, and write down any details you can remember as soon as you wake up.
  2. Keeping an amethyst, quartz, and black tourmaline beside your bed. Amethyst is a very peaceful, relaxing stone, and is also a big help for dream recall. Clear quartz can help with memory and can be programmed with any intention you desire. Black tourmaline is a very protective stone and can help ward off negative influences that might affect your dreams.
  3. Anointing the four corners of your bed with Vervain Oil. Not only is vervain a great aid for dream magic, but it also helps to ward off evil and protect your dreams.
  4. Anointing yourself with Ambergris Oil. This oil enhances the subconscious and is very useful for both learning to lucid dreams and interpreting non-lucid dreams.
  5. Anointing yourself with Lilac Oil. If you have trouble recalling your dreams, lilac's influence can help strengthen your memory.
  6. Wearing Dream Sachet powder to bed. This helps attract helpful dreams.

A Simple Dream Ritual

Before performing this ritual, take at least a week to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Do not read, use your phone, or watch television in bed. Clear away clutter. Do whatever you can to make your bedroom devoted purely to rest and relaxation since this will help you get better-quality sleep. Then:

  1. Set a purple candle and two white candles on your bedside table. Anoint the purple candle with Dream Oil, and the two white candles with Vervain Oil.
  2. Light the candles, and sit in front of them.
  3. Begin to count your breaths, relaxing as you focus purely on the feeling of them flowing through your body.
  4. When you are ready, state your intention. This can be as simple as, "I will remember more of my dreams tonight," or "My dreams will tell me what I need to know."
  5. Affirm your intentions within your heart. Know that they are possible, and you have the power to make them so.
  6. Visualize your goal for your dreams. Picture your questions answered, your dream journal's pages full of writing, and you effortlessly lucid dreaming.
  7. If you have been keeping a dream journal, re-read it now. This will connect you to your dream memory, and the symbols and subjects your subconscious is trying to present to you.
  8. When you have your intention strongly in your mind, snuff the candles and climb into bed. Upon waking, immediately write down anything you remember.
  9. Repeat as long and as often as you like.

The subconscious mind is a powerful force for change, but accessing it requires some practice and dedication. You can use dream work to help improve your life even while you sleep, by interpreting the information given in dreams. With patience and consistency, your dreams can become a powerful tool for your spiritual progression.