Interpreting dreams meanings

Interpreting the Meaning of Your Dreams

Have you ever woken up from a vivid dream and been confused about its meaning? Did you spend the whole day replaying it over and over again in your mind to try and figure it out? We have all been there. Psychologists have spent years interpreting dreams and uncovering what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. Here are some of the most common dreams people report having and their meanings.


Dreams of falling off a building, a cliff, or other high place are very common. These dreams often relate back to feelings of insecurity or failure regarding a situation you are currently dealing with. A stressful job or drama in a relationship can be the catalyst for a falling dream. If you are experiencing anxiety or out of control in your waking life, your brain may interpret those feelings into dreams where you are falling with nothing to break your fall.

These dreams typically happen during the first stage of sleep. They are often accompanied by leg spasms and muscle twitches. To lessen the frequency of these dreams, try to trust that things will work out the way they are meant to and allow things to fall into place the way they are intended.

Being Naked in Public

Feeling vulnerable or afraid of being exposed? Having a dream where you are naked in front of other people symbolizes the things about yourself that you want to keep hidden. When your clothes are off, you are uncovered for the entire world to see.

These dreams often take place in public settings, such as lecture halls, city streets, or conference rooms. Take some time to think about what it is that you are nervous about others knowing about you. Working through those insecurities may help you to overcome your fear and stop these dreams from occurring.

Finding a Hidden Room

You’re in a house that you have been in many times before. But suddenly you see a door you never saw before. You open it and discover a room you never knew existed. Dreams involving the discovery of a new room typically symbolize personal growth.

A blossoming relationship, job promotion, or new business venture is often expressed in these types of dreams. As your outlook on life shifts and matures, new doors open, as do new experiences. Embrace these changes and explore the opportunities that lie beyond those doors.

Taking an Unexpected Exam

Many people report having dreams where they are taking a test that they didn’t know about. These dreams are filled with anxiety and represent areas in our lives that we feel unprepared for. Situations in which we feel judged or tested also lead to these types of dreams. People who are extremely critical of themselves are likely to have recurring dreams such as these. Cut yourself some slack. Nobody is perfect. Learn from the mistakes that you make and give yourself recognition for the things you do well in your life.

Walking Through Quicksand

Dreams where your legs feel like they have 50-pound weights on them or you are trudging through mud and not getting anywhere often symbolize that you have too much on your plate. Constant worrying about all of life’s responsibilities causes your subconscious to go into panic mode.

The stress that you carry with you can translate into dreams of needing to get somewhere but not being able to. Trying to do too many things at once is unhealthy and can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion. Review your priorities and learn to say no to those things that overwhelm you.

Teeth Falling Out

Dreams, where your teeth are crumbling, breaking, and falling out of your mouth, are the most commonly reported dreams. Psychologists feel that these dreams represent our concerns over our physical appearance. Our vanity causes us to worry that we are not being perceived by others as attractive and that worry manifests in these types of dreams.

Teeth dreams are also associated with feelings of anxiety, poor communication, and powerlessness. We use our teeth to bite, chew, and speak. Without them, we are unable to nourish our bodies and express our thoughts. It is interesting to note how symbolic of power teeth really are. Consider the areas of your life where you may feel you have no power. Try to find ways to express yourself constructively and speak your truth.


You are high above the clouds, looking down on the landscape below. You have not a care in the world as you glide effortlessly through the air. These dreams symbolize situations in our conscious lives that we feel we have mastered.

When we find control and stability in an area that has caused us to feel weighed down, the feeling can be euphoric. This stress release is perceived by our brain and articulated through flying dreams. Take pride in your accomplishments and relish this carefree feeling.

Being Chased

Is there a situation in your life that you are avoiding? Are you ignoring that nagging feeling that there are unresolved issues in a relationship that need to be addressed? The internal struggles that we all go through in our minds tend to find ways to be released. These feelings of worry and dread often correlate to dreams in which you are being chased.

Avoiding these issues will do nothing but perpetuate the feelings of dread and anxiety surrounding them. Use these dreams as a catalyst to tackle the issues that you are fearful of and address the worries that are holding you back.

Rituals and Oils for Sweet Dreams

There are many tools for promoting good dreams and relaxing the mind for a restful night’s sleep. Sprinkle some dream sachet powder on your nightclothes before bed. Place some calendula flowers under your bed to protect against nightmares and foster positive dreams.

Anoint a 7 day plain orange candle with dream oil and light the candle in your bedroom an hour before you plan on going to sleep. Find some soothing music that calms your mind and focus your intentions on clearing your head of negative thoughts as you drift into an unconscious state of dreams.

Some oils can help with better sleep and better dream recall. Sandalwood Oil, Lavender Oil, Patchouli Oil, and Clary Sage Oil have a relaxing effect on your mind and body. They can aid in insomnia as well.