La madama

The Mystery of ​La Madama

Though statues and dolls of La Madama are pretty common on altars, she is a mysterious figure. Hailing from Latin American countries in the Caribbean, she has found a place in helping conjure and rootworkers as well. This has led to some confusion about who La Madama is, and how exactly she helps the people who venerate her.

Who is La Madama?

The name "La Madama" may sound like it refers to one specific spirit, but Madamas are actually a type of spirit. This means that there are many entities that can be called La Madama. They are spirits of female slaves, or their descendants, who help the living. Their veneration came to the United States through practitioners of Santeria or Espiritismo from Latin American countries in the Caribbean. As a spirit of the dead, venerating La Madama works a little differently from the way you might venerate a saint.

Petitioning La Madama

La Madama should not be petitioned the way you might petition a saint or deity. In the religions she comes from, she is a spirit guide. This means that she should be approached as a spirit that can offer you guidance and help in times of need. She is helpful in everyday matters, like bringing in money, paying bills, opening roads, and settling down troublemakers.

Everyone has their own cast of spirit guides surrounding them. If yours includes La Madama, set up an altar for her (or give her a place on a larger home altar). Ask her for help either out loud, or by writing your request on a piece of paper, anointing it with La Madama oil, placing it beneath a candle, and allowing the candle to burn down. Vigil candles, like a La Madama 7 Day Saint Candle, can also be dressed with oil and burned when asking for help and guidance. La Madama Bath & Floor Wash or La Madama Perfume can be used to help attract good luck to you and your home.

Setting up an altar to La Madama

No altar to a Madama would be complete without a depiction of her, like a statue, picture, or prayer card. La Madama figurines generally look like plump women with dark skin dressed in bright dresses with white aprons, holding brooms.

To set up a simple altar to La Madama:

1. Choose an appropriate place in your home for the altar to go. It does not have to be a large space.
2. Cover the altar with red, orange, white, or black cloth.
3. Place a La Madama resin or plaster statue, or a picture of her, on top.
4. In front of the statue, place a glass of clean drinking water.
5. Beside the water, place a La Madama candle.
6. Beside that, place an offering or two to her.

Some practitioners like to put helpful objects on their La Madama altar, to give her tools to work with. These include a deck of cards for divination, a broom to sweep away jinxes, some chalk to mark down spells, a knife to pin down enemies, and a cross.

Making offerings to La Madama

Madamas enjoy receiving offerings thanking them for their assistance. These do not have to be fancy, simple foods and drinks are fine. La Madama enjoys homey things like:

  • Home cooked meals
  • Rice
  • Brown sugar
  • Tobacco
  • Liquor
  • Molasses
  • Cool water
  • Flowers
  • Healing herbs

Place these offerings to her on her altar, in front of the statue or picture of her.

La Madama is a powerful spirit guide that is very helpful for everyday matters. If she is one of your spirit guides, she can offer you help and guidance in paying your bills, protecting your home and the people in it, and everything in between. By setting up an altar and asking for her help, you can benefit from her wisdom and experience in helping your life go smoothly.