Saint anthony

Calling on the Guidance of St. Anthony

Born on August 15, 1195, Anthony of Padua was a Portuguese priest who was called to the Franciscan Order at the young age of 15. Revered for his dedication to those who have lost their path or are searching for redemption, Saint Anthony was known as an eloquent and impassioned speaker. He was a close friend of Francis of Assisi and Francis entrusted him with passing his knowledge down to the friars in training.

During his years as a preacher, Anthony amassed a collection of notes and speeches, which he kept in a book of psalms. He was devastated to learn that his beloved book had been stolen by a novice who left the hermitage. Anthony prayed that it would be found or returned, and the thief miraculously returned the book. This incident led St. Anthony to become the patron saint of finding things or lost people.

Throughout his short life, Anthony of Padua spread the word of the gospel across France and Italy. He was considered a profound teacher of Scripture and theology and was revered by all in the Catholic Church. His sermon notes were passed down to friars and clergymen for years to come.

Anthony died on June 13, 1231 at the age of 36 and was canonized a year later. Considered the greatest preacher of the middle ages, St. Anthony is typically depicted holding a book, a lily and the infant Jesus Christ. Today, St. Anthony lilies remind us of his purity and miraculous powers. His feast day is June 13.

Praying to St. Anthony

When our lives are uprooted and our path becomes unclear, it is helpful to have a helping hand to guide us in the right direction. In times such as these, St. Anthony provides the support and clarity to help us find our way. To summon the strength of St. Anthony of Padua, place a Saint Anthony statue on your altar. Anoint a Saint Anthony 7 Day Saint candle or Saint Anthony 14 Day Saint candle with Saint Anthony oil. Light your candle and use the flame to light a Saint Anthony incense stick. As your candle burns and the fragrant aroma of incense fills the air, focus your intention on finding what it is that has eluded you. Recite the following prayer as you concentrate on your desires:

O blessed St. Anthony,
the grace of God has made you a powerful advocate
in all our needs and the patron
for the restoring of things lost or stolen.
I turn to you today with childlike love and deep confidence.
You have helped countless children of God
to find the things they have lost,
material things, and, more importantly,
the things of the spirit: faith, hope, and love.
I come to you with confidence;
help me in my present need.
I recommend what I have lost to your care,
in the hope that God will restore it to me,
if it is His holy Will.

Whether you have lost a tangible item such as a piece of jewelry or something ethereal like your soul mate or fervor for life, praying to Saint Anthony can give you the perspective necessary to find your answers.

The Talismans of a Beloved Saint

It is often helpful to carry symbols of our higher powers with us to remind us of their constant support. Wearing a Saint Anthony Talisman or Saint Anthony Bracelet is an excellent way to keep his strength at close hand. Place a Saint Anthony Laminated Prayer Card in your wallet or car to lead you on the right path. Sprinkle some Saint Anthony Perfume on yourself or your clothing to help you find what you are looking for. Place a Saint Anthony Medal in a mojo bag with some Aquamarine Tumbled Stones and sprinkle the bag with Saint Anthony oil. Put the mojo bag in your pocket or purse to offer you guidance wherever you may go.

Anthony of Padua’s spirituality, expressiveness and humility are traits which have led him to be one of the most beloved of the Christian saints. In times of loss and confusion, it is comforting to know that this humble patron is watching over us. Saint Anthony wrote “The saints are like the stars. In his providence, Christ conceals them in a hidden place that they may not shine before others when they might wish to do so. Yet they are always ready to exchange the quiet of contemplation for the works of mercy as soon as they perceive in their heart the invitation of Christ." These encouraging words offer reassurance to anyone who has lost something close to them or who is, themselves, lost.