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Voodoo Dolls - Male & Female

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Voodoo Dolls have been used for centuries by practitioners for everything from love rituals & healing ceremonies to hexing spells.

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How to Use Voodoo Dolls

White voodoo dolls, symbolizing purity and positive energy, are often used in spiritual rituals for manifestation and healing. Hold the dolls while focusing on your intentions or place them on your altar and visualize positive energy flowing into your life, promoting well-being and manifesting desired outcomes.

Red voodoo dolls, symbolizing passion and strong energy, are often used in rituals related to love and sexuality. Hold the dolls while focusing on your desires or place them in a romantic location, such as under your pillow or near your bed, to attract love and increase intimacy in your relationships.

Black voodoo dolls are often associated with separation and bad juju. To use a pair of black voodoo dolls in a separation ritual, using a quill pen and dragon's blood ink write the name of the man on the male doll and write the name of the woman on the female doll. Pin the 2 dolls together and place them in your freezer.

2" Cloth dolls sold by the pair (1 Male & 1 Female)