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How to Use Healing Wands

Wands are the ultimate magical tool. They are a powerful way of gathering and directing energy, whether they are made of wood, metal, stone, or bone. A wand's shape and material influence how it moves energy around, so it is important to understand how they work in order to choose the best one for your spells and rituals.

Choosing the Right Materials

A wand can be as simple as a quartz crystal point, or very elaborate. This does not affect its power, but some wands are more suitable for some tasks than others. Clear quartz, for example, helps amplify magical energy and works as a kind of "all-purpose" material. (For this reason, it is often used at the end of a wand made of wood or metal.)

A wand designed to open and heal the body's chakras, like the Chakra Pocket Wand, will have gemstones corresponding to each of the body's energy centers. A wand designed for love-drawing magic may be made of rose quartz or another stone associated with love. Find out what crystals, woods, or metals best suit the ritual you need to perform, and choose a wand based on what will get the job done.

Wand Shapes

Wands are always longer than they are wide, even if they are as small and simple as a citrine point. They have two ends: a pointed one, and a flat or rounded one, like the Mystical Wand. The pointed one is "projective," meaning that it sends energy outward, like a laser. The rounded one is "receptive," meaning that it draws energy away. Both can be used for healing, depending on the situation. Magic practitioners and energy healers often recommend only using crystals with perfect points, as chipped or damaged points can end up "scattering" energy instead of focusing it.

Symbols and Other Designs

A wand intended for a specific purpose may be decorated with symbols, sigils, colors, or other visual representations of its goal. This helps focus the intent of the energy that it directs, making it particularly useful for certain spells. The Money Drawing Wand, for example, has a crystal point, a rounded end, and representations of money and other wealth symbols along its shaft. This does not mean that it cannot be used for other rituals, but it is particularly helpful for money spells.

Using a Wand

Since a wand is used to move energy, you can use it to direct power into anything you need to -- a part of the body in need of healing, a crystal grid that needs to be activated, food or drinks that you are brewing for a spell, or even the carving in a candle. You can also use the rounded end to pull negative, stagnant energy out of something. To do this, you need to find your receptive and projective hands. For most people, the projective hand is the dominant hand, and the receptive hand is the opposite.

To direct energy into something, hold a wand in the dominant hand with the point facing outward, and visualize the power flowing through your body, down your arm, and out through the wand.

To draw energy away from something, hold a wand in the non-dominant hand with the rounded end facing outward, and visualize the flow in reverse. With practice, you will be able to feel the current of energy as it moves through you.

Selenite Aura Cleansing Ritual

We all tend to feel dragged down by negative energy sometimes, and a wand is a great tool for shifting it. This type of energy cleanse is simple to learn, and great practice for wand use. Take a White Selenite Wand, and hold it in your receptive hand. Hold the rounded end 6" over the top of your head, and visualize it drawing away any stagnant, old, or negative energy stuck to you.

Repeat, moving down your body, to your brow, over your heart, over your lower stomach, and then your hands and feet. (To clear your receptive hand, hold the wand in your dominant one.) When you feel like you are ready, anoint each spot with a drop of Holy Oil.

A wand is a healer or lightworker's best friend. While it is good to know how to direct energy with your hands, a wand gives you a way to easily add extra power and focus to your spells. Choose the one that calls to you, and practice with it often.