Power quartz crystals healing

The Healing Power of Quartz Crystals

Quartz is a mainstay of any rootworker, shaman, or other lightworker's set of tools. Clear quartz crystals are used on their own, in grids, or even to charge other ritual objects. What is it about quartz that makes it the most versatile, powerful crystal you can own?

How is quartz different from other crystals?

Some varieties of quartz -- rose quartz, amethyst, or smoky quartz, for example -- are brightly colored. These stones generally have strengths tied to their color. Rose quartz is a powerful love stone, amethyst is excellent for spiritualism and meditation, and smoky quartz is a good grounding stone.

Their colors also associate them with certain chakras. Clear quartz crystals range from milky white to colorless. This means that they can be used for anything, and are equally powerful for any magical purpose. Because it has no color of its own, clear quartz can be used to clear and balance all of the chakras. This makes it an extremely powerful healing stone.

Quartz as an energy amplifier.

Clear quartz crystals are said to amplify the energy sent through them. This means that they can lend power to spells and rituals, making them more effective. When combined with other stones in a grid, Clear Quartz Tumbled Stones or Quartz Crystal Points help boost their power and effectiveness.

Quartz's natural shape is typically a six-sided crystal point. This makes it useful for directing energy, and crystals with intact points are especially prized for this. A small percentage of quartz crystals are double-terminated, meaning they have a point at both ends. Unlike other crystals, these can be used to both receive and transmit energy.

Quartz crystal tools.

Because of its hardness (it is hard enough to scratch glass) and crystalline structure, quartz can be cut and shaped into any form desired. A Clear Quartz Egg is a helpful tool for healing -- program it with the intent to heal, and place it on the affected chakra or body part.

Unbroken quartz points can be used to tip wands, or even shaped into ritual blades. Quartz balls or eggs are also used in a type of divination called "scrying," which involves focusing on the crystal until you are able to see people or objects within it. Quartz crystals also make excellent pendulums for spirit communication.

Quartz programming rituals.

Since clear quartz has no color, it can be set with any intention. Doing this is easy, you just have to cleanse the quartz using your favorite method (smoke, running water, or a dip in water mixed with blessed salt), then hold it in your hands. Visualize what you would like the crystal to do, and imagine the energy of an appropriate color traveling from above your head, down your arm, and into the crystal in your hand. You might picture pink for love, blue for healing, or green for prosperity. Once you feel that the crystal has absorbed all of the energy you can give it, either set it in a safe place to do its work, or carry it on you.

If you are not able to program your quartz this way, you can also do it by placing it in the center of a crystal grid, or by using a pen and paper. Write down words associated with your intent -- for example, if you want to program your stone for love, write down "love," "passion," "companionship," and other love words. Set the crystal down in the center of the paper, and draw arrows pointing from the words to the crystal. Set the paper and crystal under the light of the full moon for one night, or all the way from the new to the full moon. After it has charged under the moonlight, it will be ready to use.

If you are new to working with crystals, a clear quartz crystal is a versatile, powerful stone to learn with. If you are experienced with magic, it is an indispensable tool. Quartz crystals are beautiful, powerful, inexpensive, and readily available to practitioners of any path.