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Saint Michael (San Miguel) Keychain

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This beautiful silver double-sided Saint Michael (San Miguel) keychain features a full-color pendant with an image of Archangel Michael slaying the dragon. Carry this keychain to invoke Saint Michael's powerful protection wherever you go.

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This exquisite silver Saint Michael (San Miguel) double-sided keychain showcases a richly colored pendant portraying Archangel Michael defeating the dragon. Keep this keychain with you at all times to call upon Saint Michael's formidable protection and guidance.

Who Is Saint Michael

Saint Michael is considered a protector in many spiritual traditions because he is believed to be a powerful angel who fights against evil and protects people from harm. He is often depicted in art and iconography as a warrior, carrying a sword and shield, and standing triumphantly over a defeated demon or dragon.

In Christianity, Saint Michael is one of the archangels, along with Gabriel and Raphael. He is known for leading the armies of heaven in the battle against Satan and his followers. According to Christian tradition, Saint Michael is the defender of the faith and the protector of the Church. He is often invoked for protection against spiritual and physical dangers, as well as for strength and courage in the face of adversity.

In other spiritual traditions, such as Santeria, Saint Michael is also recognized as a powerful protector and warrior. He is associated with the Orisha Ogun, who is a warrior deity in the Yoruba tradition of West Africa.

Overall, Saint Michael is considered a protector because of his strength, courage, and ability to fight against evil. People who turn to him for protection believe that he has the power to shield them from harm and to help them overcome adversity.