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Saint Michael (San Miguel) Incense Powder

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Burn our Saint Michael (San Miguel) Incense Powder for protection from all evil and dark forces that may try to harm you.

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Using Saint Michael (San Miguel) Incense Powder can be a powerful way to invoke the protective and purifying energies of Saint Michael in your space.

  • Self-Lighting Incense Powder
  • Available in 2oz Cans, 1/2lb Bags or 1lb Bags

How To Use Saint Michael Incense Powder

  • Before you begin, take a moment to set your intention for the incense. Visualize Saint Michael's protective and purifying energies filling your space, and ask for his assistance in creating a safe and sacred environment.
  • You will need Saint Michael incense powder, a heat-resistant incense burner or dish, and a source of fire, such as a lighter or match.
  • Place a small amount of the incense powder in the incense burner or dish, making sure it is heat-resistant and stable.
  • Using your source of fire, light the incense powder. The incense will begin to smoke and fill the room with its aroma.
  • While the incense is burning, you can recite a Saint Michael prayer or meditation, asking for his protection and guidance in your space. You can also visualize his warrior-like qualities surrounding and protecting you.
  • When you are finished with the incense, take a moment to express gratitude for Saint Michael's presence and protection.