Rue scented quartz candle

Rue (Ruda) Scented Quartz Tin Candle

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Infused with the scent of Rue, also known as Ruda, this Scented Quartz Tin Candle (Vela Aromática Con Cuarzo) is specially crafted for those who seek luck, love and abundance.


Known for its strong protective and cleansing properties, the aroma of Rue helps purify your space from negative energies and encourages emotional balance. The Rue Scented Quartz Tin Candle will also attract luck, love and abundance into your life.

Embedded with powerful crystals, it amplifies the protective properties of Rue, while attracting greatness into your life!

  • Intention: Good luck, Prosperity & Abundance
  • Fragrance: Rue
  • Contains Crystal Chips
  • Comes with Prayer in English and Spanish