Fresh ruda cleanse

How To Perform a Fresh Rue (Ruda) Burning Cleanse

In this video, Lulu introduces a cleansing ritual utilizing the powerful and renowned Ruda, or Rue, plant that is known for its exceptional protective and cleansing properties.

In this enlightening tutorial, Lulu demonstrates the step-by-step process of this cleansing ritual. With fresh Ruda in hand, she breaks it into small pieces before igniting it on a charcoal disc placed in an incense burner. As the fragrant smoke wafts through the air, she explains how it can be used to cleanse not only oneself but also loved ones.

For those seeking to purify their living spaces, we advise starting from the back and moving toward the front while opening all windows and doors to allow the negative energy to dissipate. Throughout the ritual, she emphasizes the significance of focusing on intentions, harnessing the power of the Ruda's cleansing properties.

Join Lulu in this immersive experience as she guides viewers through this transformative cleansing ritual, unlocking the potential for enhanced clarity and protection.