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5 Stones for Abundance and Prosperity

Crystals are a wonderful way to bring more abundance into your life. They are the embodiment of Earth energy, the element that rules growth, material wealth, and prosperity. Achieving results requires more than simply purchasing whatever stone strikes your fancy. These are the five best stones for attracting more abundance and prosperity, and how to use them:

1. Aventurine

Aventurine comes in many colors, but the gold-flecked green variety is considered one of the best crystals out there for prosperity and luck. You can take advantage of its lucky energy by simply wearing an aventurine bracelet, or incorporating it into a spell.

One simple prosperity ritual calls for a Money Drawing candle, Money Drawing oil, four aventurine stones, and a bright copper penny.

Dress the candle with a drop of the oil. Carve the amount of money you need into the top of the wax with a knife, pin, or other sharp object. Place the coin in front of the candle, and set the four aventurines in a circle around it at each of the cardinal directions. Light the candle, and say:

Wealth and riches, come to me.
Bring me abundant prosperity.
Hear my request, fulfill my spell,
Grow my money fast and well.
Harming none, and aiding many,
Multiply this copper penny.

Let the candle burn completely, and bury the remains near your front door to attract wealth to your home. Keep the four aventurines in the heart of your home until they are needed again. Anoint the penny with a drop of the oil, and place it in a safe place where it will not be spent.

2. Citrine

No list of crystals for abundance and prosperity would be complete without mentioning citrine. This is known as the "merchant's stone," and shopkeepers often keep it in their cash registers to attract money. It also resonates strongly with the solar plexus chakra, so it can help enhance your confidence and willpower to go after the wealth you desire.

Keep a citrine cluster near your front door. Before leaving the house, stop and visualize yourself absorbing some of its money-drawing energy in the form of golden light. Visualize yourself as happy, prosperous, and generous.

If you want to increase your income, you should gather a Bring Me the Money candle, a green mojo bag, eight whole basil leaves, and a citrine stone. Set the candle on a fireproof surface with the citrine stone in front of it, and the basil leaves in a ring around the stone.

Light the candle. Holding your hands over the stone and leaves, visualize your bank account growing. You and your finances are in your prime. Keep this up until you feel the stone cannot hold any more energy. Allow the candle to burn completely, and place the leaves and stone in the pouch. Bury the candle near your front door (or your business' front door) and carry the pouch as a prosperity charm.

3. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is an all-purpose crystal that acts as a potent amplifier for intention and energy. You can add it to any other spell or combination of crystals to help focus and enhance their power. This crystal is also programmable, so you can hold it in your hand and set it to any intention that you desire.

One simple way to use clear quartz for abundance and prosperity is simply to write your desire on a piece of parchment. During a waxing moon, fold the parchment, dress it with a drop of Prosperity oil, and place it in the light of the moon, with a quartz point on top. Leave it until the full moon. Dispose of the parchment with gratitude, and keep the crystal to re-use.

4. Jade

Jade comes in a variety of colors but is best known in its green form. This type of jade has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. (Some green witches even swear by burying four jades at the corners of their gardens to encourage their plants to grow abundantly!)

Jade is one of the easiest prosperity stones to work with. Its energy is gentle but powerful. You can place a jade money tree in the money (southwest) quadrant of your home, or use tumbled jades to create an abundance charm.

For this, you will need a green candle, patchouli oil, one coin from each denomination, and a tumbled jade stone for each coin. Dress the candle with the oil, and place the coins in a circle around its base. Set a jade crystal in the spaces between each coin. Light the candle, and say:

Earth, Water, Air, and Fire,
Bring me the wealth that I desire.
Fire, Air, Water, and Earth,
Bring me all that I am worth.
Do this well, and harming none,
As I do will, this spell is done.

Allow it to burn completely. Dispose of the remains of the candle near your front door and keep the jade stones and coins in your purse or wallet.

5. Pyrite

This metallic golden stone is a form of iron sulfide, commonly called "fool's gold." Pyrite is used to attract luck, abundance, and prosperity, as well as to enhance willpower and manifestation abilities. It is also associated with the solar plexus chakra.

According to feng shui, keeping pyrite in the money quadrant of your home helps draw in more cash. Meditating with this stone near the solar plexus area can help you overcome a poverty mindset and take control of your finances. Some sources recommend working with eight pyrites at a time since eight is numerologically associated with abundance.

You do not need to be well-versed in magic or have access to rare, expensive stones in order to work with them. These are some of the most powerful and beginner-friendly crystals available, able to help you attract all of the prosperity you desire.