Using horseshoes luck

Using Horseshoes for Good Luck

Horseshoes are common and easy to recognize as the symbol of luck. Historically, they have been used to "store up" good fortune, shower it down on people, and keep away negative influences.

While many people are familiar with the practice of nailing a single horseshoe over a door, there are many other ways you can use them to help attract abundance and good fortune into your life.

Why are horseshoes powerful?

The tradition of hanging a horseshoe for luck dates back to the 10th century. Irish lore tells of a blacksmith who was asked by the devil to provide his hoofed feet with horseshoes. The blacksmith obliged, and hammered scalding hot shoes onto the devil's hooves. The devil begged the blacksmith to remove the painful shoes. He agreed, but only on the condition that they devil would never enter a place with a horseshoe in the door.

Iron-the metal that horseshoes are made from-is believed to have magical properties. It can withstand astronomically high temperatures. Also, iron smells like human blood, our life force. Iron is also found deep in the earth and considered a vital force of the earth. Thus, horseshoes could ward off witches, ghosts and demons. Horseshoes are also crescent-shaped, similarly to the holy crescent moon symbols of some ancient deities. This is believed to repel misfortune and attract blessings.

Should they be hung up, or down?

Everyone has their own ideas about how horseshoes should be hung. Some swear that they must be hung with the points upward, in order to keep the good fortune from draining out and being depleted. Others insist that it should be hung with the points downward, so it can pour its luck over anyone who walks beneath it.

Whichever way you choose to hang it is personal preference - do what feels the most potent to you. If you do feel that the good fortune has drained away, horseshoes can be included in rituals to help re-empower them. (Just make sure to ritually cleanse them first, to remove the influences of whoever owned or handled them before you.)

Traditionally, it is best to hang horseshoes with square-cut iron nails. If these are not secure enough, attach the shoe to a piece of wood and hang with secure wall anchors.

Using horseshoes in good luck rituals.

For this simple ritual, all you need is some lodestone oil or other attraction oil of your choice, a horseshoe, money drawing powder (or ground cinnamon), and a gold or yellow cloth. If you do not have lodestone oil, you can make some by allowing lodestones to sit in a carrier oil for seven days, or from one full moon to the next.

This spell is best performed during a new or waxing moon, to help draw things to you. To perform the ritual:

  • Give the horseshoe a good physical cleaning with soap and water.
  • Magically cleanse it by the method of your choice. This removes any negative energy that might be left over from a previous owner.
  • Place a Prosperity candle on your altar. Anoint it with Attraction oil and light the candle.
  • Anoint the tips and curve of the horseshoe with the oil.
  • Close your eyes, and visualize your life as you want it to be. If you want a new job, imagine yourself working and collecting a good paycheck.
  • Chant the words: "Good fortune come to me, bring me to prosperity."
  • Repeat seven times, as you sprinkle the powder or cinnamon over the shoe.
  • Wrap the shoe in the cloth.
  • Close your circle, and place the shoe in a safe, secret place.

No doorframe? No problem!

Horseshoes are lucky even if you cannot hang them up. Though they are somewhat bulky when compared to sachets, poppets, or other curios, horseshoes can be carried or placed in a secret spot to bring good fortune to you. Wearing a lucky horseshoe bracelet is another way to attract prosperity and luck.

Everyone could use a few extra blessings and some good fortune in their lives. Hanging a horseshoe is an easy way to do it. Including horseshoes in your prosperity and good luck rituals is a great way to give them extra power and focus.