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More Common Herbs for Spellwork

Plants put the "root" in Rootwork. They have an important place in magical and spiritual beliefs all around the world. Some herbs and roots are so versatile and widely used, they are pretty much staples of performing magic. Here are 20 well-known herbs and roots used by rootworkers, priests and priestesses, witches, and conjurers alike:

All Spice. All spice berries attract luck, success, and prosperity. Burn them as incense with Fast Luck or Success Incense, or keep them in a sachet or mojo bag.

Aloe. Aloe powder is used in luck, love, and protection magic. Mix with your favorite incense and burn to bring a distant loved one back to you, or hung in the home to guard against accidents and misfortune.

Bayberry. Bayberry is an excellent prosperity herb. On New Years, people burn candles made of bayberry wax to help attract money and financial success. Dress a white candle with bayberry bark and burn, or carry the herb on you in a green sachet or mojo bag to draw wealth to you.

Blackberry. Similarly to agrimony, blackberry leaves are used to remove hexes and send them back to the caster. In some traditions, they are also used for healing (especially for female reproductive disorders).

Borage. Borage promotes peace and tranquility, and their silvery foliage makes them popular for planting in moon gardens. Carry them to inspire confidence, or brew into a tea and scatter the liquid in an area that could use some extra peaceful energy.

Buckthorn. Buckthorn helps protect against magic and malevolent spirits. It is also used for granting wishes, and is particularly helpful for wishes related to court cases or legal matters.

Burdock. Burdock is used in rituals for protection and healing. Brewed into a tea, it can also be added to floor washes to cleanse and purify ritual areas.

Butcher's Broom. Like burdock, butcher's broom is useful for protection and cleansing. Brewed into a tea and sprinkled around a home, it keeps evil away.

Cascara Sagrada. Cascara sagrada is used for luck in court cases. Brew into a tea and sprinkle around the home, or keep some in your briefcase with your court papers for improved odds of success.

Cat's Claw. Cat's claw, or uña de gato, is primarily used for healing. Physically, it is used to treat inflammation by removing blockages and restoring balance. Magically, it is similar -- clearing spiritual channels and restoring the flow of energy.

Celery Seed. Celery seed is used in divination to help enhance concentration and bring about a prophetic trance state.

Clove. Cloves attract luck and money. Burn cloves as an incense to remove negative energy and stop malicious gossip. A set of bags, stuffed with seven cloves each and given to a group of friends, is said to keep those friendships strong.

Cubeb Berries. Cubeb berries are used in love magic. Use them in a love-drawing bath, then sprinkle the used water and berries in a red mojo bag to make your intended lover more receptive to you.

Dulce. Not to be confused with dulse seaweed, dulce is an herb used to "sweeten" the energy of a place. Sprinkle around a home to promote peace and tranquility between its occupants. It soothes arguments, reduces friction, and makes the inhabitants more understanding.

Feverfew. Feverfew protects against accidents. Brew into a tea and add to a bath to remove jinxes that make you more accident prone, mix with hyssop and rosemary and carry on you, or mix with comfrey and a St. Christopher medal and keep in your car's glove box.

Flax. Flax seeds are used in money magic. Carry a few on you (in your wallet, shoe, or a green money sachet) to help protect yourself from poverty.

Hawthorne. Hawthorne berries (or haws) protect against spirits. Leave hawthorne around doors and windows to guard against malevolent spirits or spying witches. Put hawthorne berries in the path of someone trying to steal your lover in order to thwart them.

Lemongrass. Lemony-scented lemongrass is used for protection and sex magic, as well as to strengthen psychic powers and uplift mood. Anoint the genitals with a tea made of lemongrass to ensure a wild time.

Red Clover. Red clover can be used in a ritual bath for protection and prosperity. It is also used in lust magic, and sprinkling a red clover infusion around your home can help repel evil spirits.

Tuna. Fresh paddles of the prickly pear cactus (also known as tuna, opuntia, or nopales) are used to restore good fortune to businesses. Steep them in boiling water and pour the cooled liquid over yourself to draw more financial luck to your business.