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  1. Kola nuts bitter

    Bitter Kola Nuts

    Starting at $5.95

    In Santería, bitter kola nuts are used for spiritual purposes such as offerings to the gods and cleansing. They are placed in the corners of rooms...

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  2. Pluma de loro gray parrot feather

    African Gray Parrot Feather (Pluma de Loro)

    Starting at $8.95

    The African Grey Parrot Feather is deeply revered for its symbolic association with royalty and spirituality. Esteemed as a representation of...

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  3. Obi Seed 77639

    Obi Seed

    Starting at $5.95

    Obi seeds are African seeds that are used in basic African-Brazilian practices and in the Santeria and Yoruba religions. They are also associated...

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  4. 600 096 42269

    Ache de Santo

    Starting at $5.95

    1 Set of Ache for the Orishas 1 Kola 1 Ero 1 Oibe 1 Ozun

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  5. Iyerosun powder ifa 86647

    Iyerosun Powder

    Starting at $15.95

    This genuine African Iyerosun Powder is used by Ifa priests for ikin divination. Many individuals use it for good luck or influence by rubbing a...

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  6. Sacred ifa oracle book 16806

    The Sacred Ifa Oracle


    Explores the essence of life by means of the ancient African divination tool, which is also the spiritual foundation of Candombl, Santeria, and Vodun

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  7. Ecule de coco ifa 70876

    Ecole de Coco


    18" Long Ecole de Coco

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  8. Coyote facesss ifa 03684

    Coyote Face


    Coyote face. Approximately 11" long.

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  9. Inkines 4 eye santeria

    Inkines 4 Eye, Hand of 21


    Inkines 4 Eye, commonly referred to as Ifa African Palm Nuts, are essential in various spiritual and ritual practices, especially in Ifa and...

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  10. Polvera orula ifa 09975

    Polvera de Orula


    Round cedarwood polvera for Orula. Orula is the Orisha of Divination and Wisdom.

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  11. Babalawo 59582

    Babalawo The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Ifa


    Hidden within the mysterious Afro-Cuban religion of Santería, also known as Lucumí, there is a deep body of secrets and rituals called Ifá. This...

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  12. Coyote tailsss ifa 06886

    Coyote Tail


    Coyote tail. Approximately 15" long.

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  13. Teja de barro ifa 69192

    Teja de Barro


    Clay shingle - Teja de barro 18" long

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  14. Deer antler tips

    Deer Antler Tips


    Discover the natural power of Deer Antler Tips, perfect for spiritual rituals, crafts, and creating protective amulets. Each tip, imbued with the...

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  15. Iruke 59275

    Irukere/Cola de Caballo/Horsetail

    Starting at $149.95

    Genuine Iruke/Cola de Caballo/Horsetail imported from Africa 24" Long Available for the following Orishas: Obatala Yemaya Orula Oshun Oya

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