Pluma de loro gray parrot feather

African Gray Parrot Feather (Pluma de Loro)

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The African Grey Parrot Feather is deeply revered for its symbolic association with royalty and spirituality. Esteemed as a representation of regality in Yoruba culture, it is also considered a sacred emblem of the Orishas. This feather is integral in ritual practices, serving as a conduit for divine communication and guidance, embodying wisdom, and connecting the physical to the spiritual realm.


The African Grey Parrot Feather (Pluma de Loro), referred to as "Odidere" in Ifa's sacred practices, embodies a profound sense of veneration and regality intrinsic to Yoruba culture. This remarkable feather is imbued with the spirit of awe and aristocracy. This feather is approximately 4" long.

Embodiment of Regal Heritage: In the traditions of the Yoruba, the African Grey Parrot stands as a symbol of regality. Its distinguished presence and noble air have secured its status as an emblem of the Yoruba people's grand and royal heritage.

Orishas' Esteemed Symbol: The feather of the African Grey Parrot is often revered as the emblematic crown of the Orishas, the revered deities in Yoruba belief. It is esteemed for its direct link to the spiritual world, rendering it a highly valued symbol for divine communication.

Reverence in Ifa Rituals: Within the Ifa tradition, the African Grey Parrot is venerated for its perceived wisdom and its spiritual connection to the Orishas. Its feather serves as a crucial element in rituals and ceremonies, utilized for obtaining spiritual guidance, wisdom, and heavenly blessings.