Deer antler tips

Deer Antler Tips

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Discover the natural power of Deer Antler Tips, perfect for spiritual rituals, crafts, and creating protective amulets. Each tip, imbued with the deer's energy, symbolizes strength, growth, and earthy connection. Ideal for enhancing your spiritual journey or as a unique addition to your altar, these antler tips bring the essence of resilience and intuitive grace into your life.


Explore the mystical allure of Deer Antler Tips, a natural embodiment of strength, renewal, and connection to the earth. Revered in various spiritual traditions for their potent symbolic significance, these antler tips serve as powerful tools in rituals and crafts.

Each piece, unique in shape and texture, carries the vibrant energy of the majestic deer, offering protection, fostering growth, and enhancing intuitive connection. Ideal for use in jewelry making, amulets, or as part of your altar, these antler tips invite the wearer or beholder to tap into their resilience and grace.

Embrace the primal energy of the deer with our Deer Antler Tips, perfect for those seeking to incorporate natural elements into their spiritual practice.

  • 2" to 3" in size