Inkines 4 eye santeria

Inkines 4 Eye, Hand of 21

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Inkines 4 Eye, commonly referred to as Ifa African Palm Nuts, are essential in various spiritual and ritual practices, especially in Ifa and Santeria traditions. These palm nuts are primarily utilized for divination purposes, serving as a vital communication channel with Orula, a revered Yoruban Orisha. They are instrumental in guiding practitioners seeking answers and divine guidance through consultation with Orula.


Inkines 4 Eye, also known as Ifa African Palm Nuts, have significant ritual and spiritual uses, particularly in Ifa, Santeria, and related practices. ​The Ikines hand is made up of 21 pieces known as Adele or Ikin. Ikin serves as a symbol of divine wisdom and is a reminder of the presence and guidance of Orula, an important deity in the Ifa religion.

The Inkines 4 Eye palm nuts are primarily used as a medium for communication with the Yoruban Orisha Orula. They serve as tools for divination, helping practitioners to consult Orula for answers to questions.​

  • Hand of 21 Inkines