Ghost Chaser Resin Incense

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Safeguard your home and cleanse and shield against unwanted energies with the Ghost Chaser Resin Incense. Expertly blended using high-quality ingredients, ensuring a potent and consistent burn to facilitate thorough spiritual cleansing.


Clear your space of unwanted energies and create a shield of protection with our Ghost Chaser Resin Incense. Crafted to dispel negative entities and purify your environment, this powerful blend serves as a guardian against unwanted spiritual presences.

Formulated with focused intentions for spiritual cleansing, these resins are perfect for rituals or moments aimed at clearing lingering spiritual energies.

  • 1 oz bag
  • Must be burned on top of charcoal

How To Use Ghost Chaser Resin Incense

  1. Prepare Your Space: Place a piece of charcoal in a heat-resistant burner. Light the charcoal and then place a few pieces of resin on top of the charcoal. This will release its aromatic essence.
  2. Focus on Cleansing: Concentrate on dispelling any negative entities or energies, visualizing your space being purified and protected.
  3. Spiritual Rituals: Utilize these resins during rituals or moments requiring spiritual protection to create a shield against unwanted spiritual presence.