Ghost demon haunting

Ghost or Demon: What's Haunting Your Home?

Just about anyone can name at least one book or movie about a haunting. Even though they are a popular subject, there are a lot of details writers and directors get wrong -- hauntings by ghosts are not the same as hauntings by demons. The signs are different, and they are drawn to a place by different things. If you are experiencing the signs of a haunting, there are a few ways you can determine if you are dealing with a run of the mill ghost, or a demon.

Hauntings by ghosts.

Ghostly hauntings usually occur when something has caused a person's memory to imprint on a place. They usually manifest as unexplained sounds, moved objects, odd shadows, or strange behavior in pets. Occasionally, you might feel like you are being watched, or even touched.

Most ghostly hauntings consist of the sight or sound of a spirit performing a mundane task that they did in life -- walking down a hallway, sitting in a chair, or occupying a room. Hauntings are not necessarily signs of a spirit that hasn't "crossed over," they may simply be the residue of a person's energy. Cleansing the house or room, or even asking is usually enough to get rid of these types of hauntings.

Hauntings by demons.

Demons are negative spirits. Unlike ghosts, which generally are attached to a place, demons can attach themselves to people. If a demonic haunting is not taken care of, it can progress to a possession. Demonic hauntings are generally more intense than ghostly hauntings, and the activities do not match up with mundane tasks.

There may be a strong odor, like human waste or rotting garbage. Household objects may be destroyed. Demons may also attempt to assault people or animals within the home. Demonic activity, unlike ghostly activity, may also increase while you are praying.

Why do demons appear?

Demons are attracted by certain phenomena or characteristics. Places that are extremely negative or have been the site of multiple tragedies are likely to have demonic activity. People who dabble in the occult without proper teaching, experience severe untreated mental illness, use drugs, or actively try to summon a demon may find one attached to them.

Getting rid of a demonic haunting.

The first step to getting rid of a demon is recognizing what may have attracted them in the first place, and changing it. If the subject of the haunting is a drug user, they should quit. If they play with the occult, they should step back and learn how to protect and cleanse themselves. After that, it is a good idea to do a full home cleansing.

A home cleansing spell.

One of the most important things to do to get rid of a demon or ghost is to cleanse the place it inhabits. To do this, thoroughly clean the area. Sweep the floors, starting from the back of the room or home and moving towards the door. Move furniture, get rid of clutter, and open the windows to let light and air in. Once the place is completely clean, you can begin attempting to cleanse its energy.

There are many ways to do this, so choose the combination that works best for you:

Be sure to circle the entire room or property, and pay extra attention to doors and windows. Prayers can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish -- your intention to banish the negative entity is what is important. The 23rd psalm is a popular choice, but you can also use a short home cleansing spell:

"This house is cleansed,
This place is clear,
Only good things enter here!"

Repeat cleansings as often as necessary, until the energy of the place is lifted and the haunting is no longer present.

Hauntings are frightening, but most of them can be prevented or gotten rid of. Before engaging in any activity that might attract a demon, know how to protect yourself from them. If your or someone you love is experiencing a haunting, lifestyle changes, prayer, and cleansing can get things back to normal.