Removing ghosts from home

Rituals to Chase Ghosts Away and Stop Hauntings

Do you have ghosts in your home? To some people, the idea of living in a haunted house sounds exciting, or even fun. People who have actually lived with ghosts know what a nuisance they can be. This time of year, ghost activity tends to ramp up.

1. Draw a boundary around your home.

For this, you will need either Ghost Chaser sachet powder or a blend of banishing herbs. If you have some favorite banishing herbs, feel free to use those. Otherwise, make a blend of any of the following:

If you choose to use a blend of herbs, grind them into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle or herb grinder.

You may wish to start by smoke cleansing your house with frankincense and myrrh, sage, or your favorite cleansing herbs. Next, use a bit of Ghost Chaser oil to draw a banishing pentacle, protective symbols, or even just a large "X" on your doors and windows.

After that, take the sachet powder or ground herbs outside. Sprinkle them in an unbroken circle around the perimeter of your home. If you like, you can call upon a deity, ancestor spirits, spirit guides, or guardian angels to help you expel the ghosts from your home and keep them away. When you are finished, dust your hands off and proclaim, "My home is clear and protected. It is done."

2. Wash the ghost out of your house.

This spell works particularly well if your ghost tends to stick to one specific area of your home. Start by decluttering and rearranging the furniture. After that, give the area a thorough mopping from back to front with Ghost Chaser floor wash. (If you do not have hard floors, you can also sprinkle Ghost Chaser sachet powder on your carpet, vacuum it thoroughly from back to front, and dispose of the vacuum's contents as far from your home as possible.)

Go to the area where you experience the most ghostly activity. If you do not have one, go to the living room or kitchen. Light a Ghost Chaser Custom Big Al candle as you call upon your ancestors, deities, and spirit guardians to remove your unwanted ghosts. Affirm this by saying...

This home is mine.
No unwanted spirits may remain here.
I cast you out, ghosts.

Let the candle burn completely. If you have to leave it alone for any reason, snuff it out. Repeat your prayers and relight it when you return. Once the candle is burned away completely, dispose of it far from your home. You may also wish to observe the candle's remains for signs to make sure your ghost-chasing was successful.

3. Prepare a supper for the dead.

This is an old ritual that seeks to get rid of ghosts by appeasing them. Set your table with your best dishes and light candles.

Next, prepare a sumptuous meal. If you know your ghosts personally, including their likes and dislikes, you may wish to make their favorite dishes or beverages. Serve a generous portion, but do not eat or touch it. Let it sit.

When the food has gone cold, snuff the candles. Say...

Alive or dead,
You are fed.
So be appeased,
it's time to leave.

Then, light a mixture of spearmint leaves and Go Away Evil incense. Open your doors and windows to help the ghosts go on their way.

Follow this by making a tea of butcher's broom and salt water. Sprinkle it in the corner of every room, across your windowsills and the thresholds of your doors, and around the edge of your property.

4. Ask politely.

Sometimes ghosts appear for a specific purpose. This can happen when there is a major change in the home, like a new pet, baby, or even a remodeling job. In that case, you may want to simply ask the ghost what they want. If you can provide it, they will leave you alone.

In some cases, you may also be able to ask the ghost to stop making a nuisance of itself. While this will not get rid of them, it will make them easier to live with. If that does not work, use one of the rituals above to shoo them out of your home for good.

Ghosts can make life more interesting, but they can also be a huge (and sometimes dangerous) headache. If you are forced to share your home with an uncooperative spirit, you can get rid of it using any of these rituals. They will not only make the ghostly intruder beat a hasty retreat, they will also help protect your space from any other ghosts who want to set up shop.