Using spirit ouija board

Communicating With Spirits

Communicating with departed ancestors, angels, and spirit guides is an excellent way to get wisdom and advice. It can offer you a new perspective on your situation, or help you consider angels that you have not thought of. There are many ways to communicate with spirits, and every lightworker or magic practitioner has their own preferred method.

What is a Spirit Board?

A spirit board is a piece of wood, paper, or fabric that has letters, numbers, and sometimes short phrases (like "Hello," "Goodbye," "Yes," and "No") printed on it. To use it, the operator or operators sit on either side of the board and lay their fingers on a planchette. The planchette is usually a heart-shaped piece of wood, but may also be a ring, coin, or any other flat object. Spirits communicate through a spirit board by guiding the hands of the querents, highlighting letters, numbers, or words. This is a great way to get detailed information, as it allows you to ask more than "Yes" or "No" questions.

Using a Spirit Board

Using a spirit board is a bit more than laying your hands on it and watching it go. To use one safely, it is important to be properly prepared. Take a spiritually cleansing bath, relax, and open yourself to receiving the wisdom you seek. Light some Spirit Incense powder, and have any other herbs, oils, or tools you need at hand. When you are ready, envision a circle of white light surrounding and protecting you, the spirit board, and anyone else there. Lay your fingertips lightly on the planchette -- do not press hard or try to move it yourself. Plainly state your questions, and wait a few minutes to let the reply come through. When you are finished, thank the spirits for their help, and release them.

Other Methods of Spirit Communication

Some practitioners like to use other divination tools to communicate with spirits. Tarot or oracle cards are cards that can be used when you need a simple piece of knowledge to focus on. Pendulums, like a Brass Pendulum, are good for answering yes or no questions and can be used with a spirit board by writing down the letters, numbers, or phrases the pendulum swings toward. Scrying using a mirror or a crystal ball can allow experienced diviners to communicate with spirits in the form of images. Automatic writing uses a planchette, just like a spirit board, with an attached pencil to allow spirits to spell out words as they move.

Improving Your Psychic Abilities

Everyone has the ability to communicate with spirits, but some need more help getting started. Certain herbs, oils, incense, or crystals can help focus and open your mind and allow communication to come more easily. Amethyst crystals are one of the best for any form of psychic communication or divination -- they help you relax, allow you to focus, and clear energy pathways. Selenite helps clear your aura and remove energy blockages. Hyssop Oil is a powerful purifier and can help protect you from malevolent entities. White Lavender Oil is another powerful energy cleanser, which can also help you relax and open yourself to spirit communication.

Spirit Contact Spell

If you are new to communicating with spirits, a structured spell may be helpful. You will need:

First, relax. Anoint the candles with Sandalwood Oil. Set the two purple candles on either side of your spirit communicating tool, and the white one above it. Say a short protective prayer, even if it is as simple as...

Holy Mother/Father,
I ask for your protection that only well-intentioned spirits may speak here.

Light the candles. Ask your questions, then allow the answers to come through. Write them down, so you can analyze them later. When your questions have been answered, thank the spirits, snuff the candles, and ground your energy.

Many spirit communication tools are relatively new, but speaking to spirits is an ancient practice that priests, witches, and shamans have been performing for millennia. Practicing protecting yourself, speaking to spirits, and grounding your energy is an excellent way to strengthen and sharpen your psychic abilities. This will allow you to channel wisdom from the spirit world, and live a happy, abundant life.