Revenge spells dangerous

Revenge Spells: Are They Worth The Risk?

It is said that "every action has an equal and opposite reaction," and this is just as true for magic as it is for anything else. In the heat of the moment, after experiencing an injustice, it can be tempting to leap right into casting revenge spells. Performing revenge rituals can make us feel vindicated, and give us the justice that we may be denied in life, but are they really worth it? No spell flies to its target without also affecting the caster in some way, so are spells for revenge safe to use?

What Happens After a Revenge Spell?

Many people talk about karma or the Wiccan Threefold Law, and the idea that "what goes around comes around." Still, everyone knows at least one person who seems to be a sort of karmic Houdini, living their best life despite treating everyone around them poorly. Does the western interpretation of karma really exist? The answer is yes and no: it does, but only to those who are willing to be bound by it.

Even if you do not believe in karma or the Wiccan Threefold Law, that does not make revenge spells "safe." Look at it this way -- when you wish to attract something, you perform a spell. You immerse yourself in visualizing the outcome, and devote energy to this spell. When you are trying to draw love or money, you are surrounding yourself with positive energy. When you are trying to inflict harm, you are surrounding yourself with negative energy. If you allow this negative energy to take up space in your life, you are limiting the space left for blessings and other good things to come your way. Once the spell is cast, you have also created malevolent magic that can be used against you -- if someone reverses your work, you will experience the full brunt of your own revenge. Can you afford to limit the blessings you receive in life? Are you willing to risk having your work reversed on you? If not, you may need to rethink what you mean by revenge.

How to Get Revenge Safely.

There are wicked people who will continue hurting others until someone stops them, and, sometimes, a situation just calls for some revenge spells! If you have a strong desire for revenge, that is not always a bad thing. Desire is energy, and you can use it to achieve your goals -- just do it safely.

Some spells are intended to attack their target. These are not true revenge -- they are simply an attack, and leave the caster open to having their works turned back on them. As a result, they are not safe to perform. Instead of attacking someone, consider reversing their evil works. This way, there will be nothing to turn on you. The spell's target determines their own fate, good or bad.

First, clean yourself and your home with Spell Breaker Bath & Floor Wash first. Then, light some frankincense and myrrh resin or incense, and carry the smoke through every room of your home. When this is complete, sit down with a Reversing Hoodoo Pillar Candle, and a symbol of the person you wish to get revenge on (like a photo, lock of hair, or even their name written on parchment in magical ink). Light the candle, hold your hands over the symbol, and visualize everything this person has done returning to them. Let the candle burn completely, then bury the stub of the candle and the symbol somewhere far from your property.

Taking care of yourself is important, too. Whether you choose to go through with a revenge spell or not, take some time to handle your anger and pain. Take a spiritual bath with Peace Water to help calm any leftover anger you may be feeling. Afterward, anoint yourself with White Lavender Water to keep your life serene.

If you or a loved one have been feeling drained, run down, plagued by nightmares, or just feel like nothing in life is going the right way, it may be because of a hex or curse. If you think someone is working against you, you are entitled to have your revenge -- just be sure to do it safely, in a way that cannot be reversed on you. By using revenge rituals to turn an evil person's works back on them, you make sure that they get what they deserve without causing harm to anyone else.