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Rituals to Help Get Everything You Want This New Year's

New Year's Day is the perfect time for starting with a clean slate. It has the right energy for cleansing rituals for yourself and your home, clearing out the old and making room for new blessings to reach you. If you want to get everything you want this coming year, now is the time to set up the spells, rituals, and wishes you need to conjure good luck for yourself and your loved ones.

A Powerful New Year's Cleansing Ritual

Before good luck and blessings can reach you, you need to clear away the old energy that is taking up space in your life. If you are carrying things that no longer help you, leave them in the past where they belong. Perform a cleansing ritual, even if it is simple, to get rid of the old and make way for the new.

To perform a basic (but thorough!) cleansing ritual, you can start by burning a candle in the heart of your home. For most homes, this will be the kitchen, but choose whichever room feels "right" to you. Dress a white candle with white lavender oil, or use a New Years' candle created just for that purpose. Then, mop the floors of your home using a Spiritual Cleansing floor wash, or make your own by brewing cleansing herbs like eucalyptus, lemon, or rosemary into a tea, and adding to your mop water.

Next, place some cleansing incense into a dish -- either specially prepared New Year's incense, frankincense, and myrrh, or your favorite cleansing herbs on charcoal. Light the incense and the candle, and carry them through your home. Tell your home...

I am clearing away what I do not need.
With this smoke and flame,
I cleanse all of the old energy.

Make sure the smoke of the incense touches every wall of your home. As you do this, imagine each room of your home filling with bright, sparkling golden light. When you are through, snuff the candle and let the incense burn out.

If you cannot have smoke or flame in your home, that is okay! You can still use a cleansing floor wash (or grind herbs with some salt, sprinkle on carpets, and vacuum away), and use a selenite wand to clear old energy away. Hold the wand in your dominant hand, point it along your walls and the corners of your rooms, and picture yourself twirling all of the old energy onto it like noodles on a fork. Shake the wand to clear it off.

No matter what you do, enjoy a cleansing spiritual bath with New Years' Bath afterward to clear your aura and prepare yourself for the next part.

Manifest Good Luck In the New Year

With all of the old energy moved out, it is time to bring in some new, powerful spiritual energy to make your wishes and hopes come true.

One simple way to do this is with a candle spell. Gold is the color of luck and success, but you can also use whatever color matches the specific blessings you wish to attract -- pink for love, red for strength, green for money, and so on. Carve symbols or words into the gold candle that represents your wish, and dress it with Good Luck oil. (You can also rub it with glitter or herbs if you wish, but keep an eye on it as it burns.) Hold the candle in your hands, and picture it filling with spiritual energy. Tell it what you want it to do, even if it is something simple like...

This candle holds the energy to give me all that I desire.

Then, light the candle and allow it to burn. If you like, you can snuff it and repeat the spell every day for seven days.

It is also wise to ask your ancestors and guardian spirits for their help and blessings. Set a table with a white cloth, and lay out offerings of food, liquor, coffee, and clean water. When you are done, address them by name and ask them for their help in the New Year.

New Year's Day is a time to set resolutions in motion and make positive changes to our lives. If you have goals you want to reach in the next year, set yourself up for success by performing a cleansing ritual, then bring in the fresh, bright spiritual energy you need. Even if your rituals are simple, you can help yourself succeed.