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A Time to Give Thanks

For many people, autumn is a time to give thanks. This season of harvest reminds us all of the many blessings surrounding us and the many gifts that have been bestowed upon us. It is important to show gratitude for the friends and family members in our lives, as well as for our health, job, lodging and the other bounties we have.

A Ritual of Gratitude

One way to express the appreciation you feel is to perform a gratitude ritual. Used as a way to send your joy out into the universe, these rituals are often performed with a group of people. We all possess and radiate energy, and when we connect with those who share our beliefs, the positive energy released becomes amplified.

There are many different rituals that focus on gratitude. A very simple ritual that you can perform with close friends is a candle ritual. Start by spreading a handkerchief on your altar. Feel free to choose a color that speaks to you. Place a 7 Day White Pull Out Candle on your altar. Light a Sandalwood Incense Stick and gather in a circle.

Pass the candle to each member of your ritual. Each person should inscribe a word or name of someone or something that they are grateful for into the surface of the candle. Once each person has been passed the candle, place it back on the altar and light it. By now, the fragrant aroma of the incense should be well-circulated. Direct each member of the ritual to breathe in deeply, focusing their thoughts on the word or name they inscribed on the candle.

Gather hands with the people on either side of you. Feel the energy vibrate between and through you. Recite the following prayer in unison, building in volume with each repetition:

Grateful am I this day,
Grateful in all I do and say;

Thankful to the great Divine

All I have asked for is now mine.

Grateful true for all blessings received

Grateful for all good given to me.

After the energy of the group has risen to a climax, bring the chant down to a whisper. Allow each participant to silently reflect on their blessings. When you feel ready, end the ritual by reciting the following words:

An attitude of gratitude
I shall forever carry with me
With thanks in my heart always
Blessed be.

Allow the candle to burn completely. Repeat the ritual as often as you find yourself inspired to. Feel free to add any music, prayers or other personal touches to the ritual.

Expressing Gratitude in Our Everyday Lives

It is important to take time every day to reflect on our blessings. A gratitude ritual can be anything from clasping hands around the dinner table and sharing in a prayer of grace, gathering donations to send to your local food bank, or sending a card to a serviceman or woman who is stationed in another part of the world.

Practicing random acts of kindness is a wonderful way to pass forward the gratitude that we feel. It has often been said that it is better to give than it is to receive. Displays of thanks do not need to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. These acts should be unique to you and your family and reflect the individual blessings that you hold dear. We at Original Botanica would love to hear the ways that you express gratitude in your life.